Zynga Bingo

There are 2 massively popular trends in the online bingo industry right now, and when you combine these 2 forces, there seems to be no stopping them from taking over the industry.  The 2 forces we are referring to are of course social bingo and mobile bingo.  These 2 things are the biggest and hottest new trends, and one of the biggest names within this market is the mega Zynga Bingo.

Social Bingo

Social bingo refers to playing bingo on a social networking site, namely the only one worth mentioning; Facebook.  The great thing about this treat is that you can invite your pals and play with them, or even make some brand new ones.  Almost everyone in the world has Facebook these days and it seemed like just a matter of time before games were going to be offered, and with bingo being one of the biggest, there are absolutely tonnes of bingo apps on Facebook now.  Zynga Bingo enjoys in over 1,000,000 monthly users, making this one of the most popular.


This seems to be compatible with a large number of devices, from iPhone and iPad to Android phones, it does look like you have to download flash player 11 in order for the game to load, so your phone also needs to be compatible with this.

Getting Started

Hit Facebook and you can simply play through your profile.  You have to search for Zynga Bingo and launch the game.  It is also a good idea to like the Facebook fanpage as this is where you will find a tonne of competitions and goodies for free coins!

How to Play Zynga Bingo on your Mobile

It looks complicated but this highly polished site offers simple bingo gaming and oodles of fun.  There are 10 bingo rooms in which you can play but at the beginning, only one of them is open to you.  You can only unlock the other rooms by reaching a certain level of experience, which can only be done playing the 75 ball bingo games (Zynga Bingo do not offer 90 ball as of yet).  You are given free coins with which to play or you can buy them with your credit or debit card, PayPal or even your mobile phone bill.  There are challenges for you to fulfil to enhance user engagement even more, not to mention things like Keys to unlock treasure chests, the ably to send and receive gifts and oodles more!

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