Wink Bingo Jackpot Slots

Everyone loves it when something does an ‘own brand’ version of an item and perhaps the best example of this is when a site launches their own version of a slot game.

The game we’re referring to, in this case, is the Wink Bingo jackpot slots.

How to Play?

For those that are curious, the Wink Bingo Jackpot slots play like any ordinary slot game you might encounter. They have five reels to play across and 25 different paylines to use to create winning combinations.

It’s also got a great degree of control as players can quickly change the number of paylines used in each spin as well as the overall size of their stake. You can also pick whether you want the reels to play out manually or automatically.

Tips & Strategies

A tip worth trying with this game is to practice a few rounds with small bet amounts before you move to bigger wagers. Doing this will let you figure out how often certain bonuses trigger without spending too much cash.


The Wink Bingo jackpot slots game also has a couple of bonus modes you can play around with to keep things fresh and entertaining.

For example, if you hit three or more of the Yes! Scatter symbols on the reels, you will be presented with a series of choices of free spins that come with various multipliers attached to them.

The other feature you can play with is the Bingo Bonus, this is unlocked with three or more Wink Bingo Scatter symbols and it involves playing with a bingo card. Under each panel is a letter or a cash prize and if you can spell ‘B-I-N-G-O’ you will be given a 150x multiplier.

If you can fill up the Bonus Feature metre in the game you will be given another bingo card to play with that comes with a massive 1,000x multiplier prize.

Finally, the last feature you can play with is the ‘Gamble’ round. This lets you double your winnings from your last successful spin as you try to guess the end result of a sequence shown on the screen.


The Wink Bingo Jackpot slot has three progressive prizes to take home and these constantly changing prizes are given out to players at random as long as you bet at the max amount.


This slots design is another one of its best features; it’s a minimalistic and almost cartoonish layout that has lots of lovely references to Wink Bingo dotted throughout it.

For example, you will encounter things like the sites logo, various bingo daubers as well as a range of colourful bingo balls scattered around the reels as symbols.

This slot game really does the site justice; it’s got a lot of great features in terms of the bonus round and its jackpot prizes. Gameplay is basic yet incredibly fun and it will definitely keep you entertained for hours on end.

We highly recommend giving this slot game a couple of spins!

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