Wingo Bingo

There’s no doubt about it social bingo has taken the world by storm –and just one of these social apps is Wingo Bingo! Not only can you play this game via Facebook – it is also an application that you can have downloaded to your phone so you don’t need to miss a thing! With so many around these days such as Bingo Blitz, Bingo Bash etc, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd so let’s see if Wingo Bingo does the job.

What to Expect?

With Wingo Bingo you can expect to enjoy bingo in loads of different variations and in top HD graphics making it even more enjoyable. The more loyal you are, the more you will be treated as each day you log in you will scoop extra bonuses and gifts. They have collections, where if you collect enough stamps you can top up your bingo chips and as it has a chat facility you can have a natter with your friends whilst enjoying the game. It’s multi-level bingo which means that you can look forward to unlocking new levels and progress to games and worlds you haven’t yet seen before. If you want a bit of an added advantage you can use the boosts to power up your game but of course you will need to use your bingo chips to get those.

Customer Reviews

Although we are sure you can see the concept is good there has been some negative feedback from their customers. A lot of these have been tech issues such as the game cutting out, the sound isn’t working correctly and that there should be more cards available to maximise your chances of winning. The app currently has over 100,000 players so they can’t all be unhappy and as it’s free to play it’s worth a shot. It can be played on Facebook, iPhone and iPad.

Instant Wingo?

You may think this name is familiar but you could just be thinking of the Instant Wingo game that is available at Sun Bingo. This is a single bingo player instant game that when your 75 ball bingo numbers are called your card will be daubed off automatically. This game isn’t compatible with any mobile devices and is only available at Sun Bingo.