Video Bingo

Bingo is one of the most popular genres of online gambling as countless sites and online brands use it in some shape or form.

One particular facet of bingo that’s been quite popular in the last couple of years is video bingo.

What Is Video Bingo?

Video bingo is basically a single player version of bingo, think of it as essentially a basic version of bingo slots where you play with a machine to win cash prizes.

It’s different from ordinary bingo games in that you don’t have to play with anyone else in a room, there’s no chat host and you don’t have to wait for a room to open.

Also, the rounds in video bingo are much faster than an ordinary game as you can choose between watching every ball appear or you can have it fire them all out instantly.

How Do You Play It?

It’s incredibly easy to play video bingo games, they operate in the same way as a normal game of bingo in that you’re given a card and you have to match it against numbers that are drawn on the screen.

Depending on the game you’re playing you can use anything from one to up to four cards at a time and as soon as ball is drawn it’s matched against your card and if there’s a match it’s daubed off.  If you manage to fill in an entire line either horizontally or vertically on your card you will be given a prize.


The rules for video bingo are based on the different variants of the game you’re playing as there’re two types and the rules depend on the type of the game.

For example, if you’re playing a 75 ball one you will need to fill in a line either horizontally, vertically or diagonally on your card to win a prize.

If it’s the 90 ball version you will get a prize for one line, then two lines and then finally a Full House on your cards. Plus unlike ordinary bingo, in video bingo you can choose how much you want to spend on your cards.

Different Types of Video Bingo

There are two types of video bingo games that you will encounter, they are the Latin and the American versions and both of these have their own approaches to gameplay.

For example, with the Latin game you’re playing with three by five cards that draw 75 balls in each round. Whilst with the American version you have a five by five card and a maximum of 90 balls to draw from.

Places to Play Video Bingo

When it comes to playing video bingo games location is everything as it’s only available in specific ways in certain locations.

What we mean by that is, in America, for example, you can get it pretty much anywhere either online or in a physical machine. Whilst in the UK, you’re confined to playing exclusive bingo games on specific networks.

The 15 Bingo Network, for example, has sites that provide video bingo games to their players, two of their sites, Cheers and Charity bingo are worth trying out if you’re looking to get your fix of bingo games.

Plus they both have great sign up bonuses that will land you extra cash for a first deposit and up to £2,500 from a special prize wheel they both use.

Video bingo will always be popular with players, it provides a much faster gaming experience than bingo. With so many benefits for playing it, video bingo is a genre that you need to try at least once!



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