Top 5 Fashion Trends of 2014

With every New Year comes a new opportunity to update our wardrobes, and 2014 has been no different. With fashion trends constantly changing, it can sometimes feel like running on a treadmill to keep up.

Get yourself ahead by working these 5 trends in to your wardrobe to be the envy of all your friends, check out this year’s noteworthy trends and get rocking these styles.

Be Loud and Proud

Wearable artwork and bold slogans are all the rage now. Whether it is bold brush strokes or a slogan with attitude, fine art prints and typography is taking over our wearables.

This idea was originally adopted by Nike with the `just do it’ slogan and logo combination, this slogan stuck with us due to its uniqueness.

The trend re-emerged in 2013, and is still very much present on the runways in the summer/spring collections of 2014. The messages on show varied from environmental awareness to downright cheekiness.

Vivienne Westwood and Kenzo both conveyed eco friendly slogans in their collections with messages related to protecting oceans from pollution and overfishing.

On the other hand, Vera Wang and Jeremey Scott were more risqué with slogans like `parental advisory’ and `earth sucks’ splattered across in bold and bright colours.

The reason for the sudden influx of such slogans is the association of the messages and outspokenness with the youth. Text speak is largely an ‘in’ thing and has therefore moved across into our wardrobes as well.

Not only confined to clothing, typography looks great in accessories as well.  Why not slap on a bold statement accessory with your favourite dress and get those heads turning.

Expressing yourself through your clothes has never been easier, whether it is your love for a certain country or your favourite TV show, or even something totally unrelated, there’s plenty of words out there to meet all needs.

Travel Back in Time

Going forward into the autumn/winter collections, we see a trend in return of the 60’s. Get back in to the groove with yesteryears miniskirts, knee high boots and epic prints.

Let it Shine

Bring some lustrous shine to your wardrobe with metallic and iridescent pieces. Go full on glam with a head to toe dress or for a subdued look just grab a clutch.

Make a statement by combining unusual colours like rust and olive or tribal details with warmer tones such as reds and oranges.

Fancy Floral

Nothing is more feminine than a good floral print.  Forever the epitome of springtime this trend is nothing new, but continually revamped every time.

The trend continued across the runways with glimpses of light-as-feather dresses, jumpsuits and tailoring. If you are wondering how to wear this trend then why not head out with some large print floral dresses accompanied by sandals. Combine floral blouses with striped skirts, or why not accessorise with floral influences on bags, hats and hairpieces.

The spring 2014 collections have been all about eccentric colours, vibrancy and strong clashes of hues. Therefore, if you are after a statement piece try out larger floral prints or block coloured blossoms. If the eccentric palette is something, you shy away from there are also a myriad of dark florals combined with sheer fabrics that are equally as impressive.

If however, you are after a subtle look like last year’s pastel floral prints, Why not head out and purchase some delicate prints found in every colour imaginable. Delicately combined with sheer fabrics and relaxed cuts, these prints will definitely accentuate a ladylike silhouette.

Whether it is a subtle reference or super brassiness of the print in your wardrobe, it is up to you how you would like to wear this trend as anything goes.

Lace it up

Add a pinch of romance and elegance to your wardrobe with this trend. From tops to gowns, trench coats to skirts everything will ooze of femininity when matched with lace.

Lace is timeless and has been very much part of the spring 2014 collections, whether in the form of dainty dresses or white luxurious ensembles. Look for Pastel coloured lace pieces worked together with graphic patterns or gentle pieces with lace on their own.  Bolder lace pieces in jewel colours such as emerald green and fuchsia will instantly elevate you wardrobe to that of sheer elegance.

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