Time Bingo on Mobile

A new Bingo site by Cozy games, the mobile version of the site mirrors its website counterpart almost identically in its design. Obviously everything is a lot more compressed to fit on the mobile screen but it still manages to resemble the website, only in a more simplistic aspect.

Its minimalist approach to style is incredibly appealing and it’s a great choice for those that want to game one the go and aren’t near a PC to use the website.

Ways to pay

On Time Bingo there’s a nice selection of payment methods available for members. You have the choice of using a credit or debit card, the popular Ukash option or Paysafe cards and Neteller.

Unfortunately there’s no PayPal option but at least there is a large selection of methods to manage your money.

What to play

Time Bingo on mobile has a massive selection of games to play from superb slots like Mystic Wilds, Wizards Castle, Farm Run plus a great selection of casino games like Roulette, video poker and blackjack. Or if none of those are what you enjoy, there’s also a nice selection of scratch cards available as well as a ton of 90 and 75 ball Bingo games.

Bonuses to gain

Time Bingo has possibly the most generous ‘Welcome Bonus’ program for new members ever as just signing up for an account will get you £15 free, no deposit required. But should you decide to deposit some money, you’ll have access to the amazing 900% ‘Welcome Bonus’ that’s spread across your first three initial deposits.

Your first deposit of £10 or more will give you 350% bonus, your second will get 250% and your third will grant you a final 300%, giving you the most mileage out of your money that’s possible.

Promotions to Win

But the fun doesn’t end there, there’s also a ton of new promotions being created every month plus regular promotions that are always available.

From their brilliant refer a friend policy where you’ll get a £10 voucher for Amazon every time one of your friends signs up and makes their first deposit.

Or their ‘Happy Hours’ where for eight hours a day you’ll be able to claim a special bonus by making a deposit and contacting Time Bingo’s ‘Live Help’. And that’s not all because playing in their fun chat rooms will also give you the chance to win a host of unique and exclusive prizes.

Our Summary

Overall Time Bingo on mobile is an absolutely brilliant mobile port of a casino website. Unlike other mobile versions of sites Time Bingos mobile equivalent actually contains a great selection of games as well as an easy to use interface that lets you jump between your options quick and relatively hassle free.

The only downside is that the buttons are a tad small and squashed together so you can easily accidentally push the wrong one, but apart from that it gets a great recommendation as one to try out.