Facebook Bingo

Facebook Bingo is something that’s becoming increasingly popular with players. This alternative version of the game has you hanging out with friends and winning, just like real bingo. Stick with us for all the must know info.

Before we go on, check out our list of top social bingo apps:

Bingo Blitz

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Zynga Bingo

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Bingo Friendzy

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Bingo Heaven

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Lucky Bingo on Facebook

Play Lucky Bingo for free on your Facebook and enjoy some top notch bingo fun! Visit website for full T&C's.

Bingo Bash on Facebook

Play Bingo Bash on Facebook with virtual currency and enjoy multi-level bingo! Visit website for full T&C's.

We should expect the new mobile social bingo games to revolutionise online bingo. Traditional sites like mFortune bingo will have to adapt or face serious competition from the Facebook apps.

What is Facebook Bingo?

As the name suggests, this is a type of online bingo that you play through your Facebook account. This can be on mobile or through your desktop computer, depending on how you like to play.

There are loads of Facebook bingo apps on the market, all you need to do is sign in on Facebook and you have them at your fingertips. They’re generally free but they may start to cost you if you want to play more often or want to buy power ups.

How Is Facebook Bingo Different to Social Bingo Apps?

There are standalone social bingo apps that you can download onto your device that don’t require you to use Facebook.

The only real difference with Facebook ones is that you are playing them through the social media site. When you authorise an app through Facebook, it can see your information and even post statuses for you – so be careful who you give access to.

They’re both built on the same premise, free bingo with the option to upgrade if you want to. With bingo on Facebook you can also invite your friends list, though we wouldn’t do so too often or you risk being unfriended.

Can you Play for Real Money?

While you can add money into these games, in the form of Facebook game tokens or in game currency, you’ll never win any money back. When you play bingo on Facebook for real money you will be the one funding it, you’ll only ever win in game currency back.

What Kind of Bonuses can you get and how?

Most Facebook gaming apps rely on a principle of rewarding their players with their own currency. Then, they can choose to spend it on upgrades and bonuses.

To earn this currency you need to complete tasks like playing in certain games, completing challenges and inviting friends. If you want to skip this process then topping up with real cash will give you more coins to play with.

What Other Side Games can you Play?

Just like on real money bingo sites, there are often slot games parcelled along with a Facebook bingo game. Some also boast casino and scratch card games, with the selection being similar to what you find on real bingo sites.

Playing bingo on Facebook really seems to be the next big thing, so don’t get left behind! If you prefer real money games then take a trip to one of our favourite ones instead.


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