Responsible Gambling

No matter how you like to play online, you should be aware of responsible gambling and what it means to you. This concept is different for everyone but it’s really important to take stock of your gambling habits now and again. Our complete guide will clue you in.

What Can You Do To Eliminate/Minimise The Risk Of Addiction?

Anyone can be at risk of developing an addiction, not just to online bingo. Awareness is the biggest step in helping to minimise your risk, as you can identify problem behaviours. Just taking some time to think about how you play and if you need to alter your behaviour is a really good step to reducing its impact.

Playing with responsible sites will also help, as they have procedures in place to help their players. Good habits are easy to form, so set yourself time and spending limits when you play. When the fun stops you should stop too, as this is a sure way to keep the activity healthy.

What Are The Warning Signs?

The warning signs can be different for everyone but you may need bingo addiction help if:

  • You regularly overspend or can’t stick to a budget.
  • Someone you know is concerned about your behaviour.
  • You can’t go a set period of time without logging on.
  • The game isn’t fun for you anymore.
  • You get angry or frustrated when playing.
  • You’re spending disproportionate amounts of time playing bingo.

Of course these can be experienced by any player, they don’t always mean you have an addiction, but if they’re a regular occurrence then you might need to take stock. It can be hard for players to identify these habits within themselves, so if someone voices a concern you should take them seriously.

What Can You Do If You Suspect You’re Losing Control?

It can be scary to face up to it but if you think you no longer have control over your gambling habits then you need to acknowledge it. This is the first step to tackling the problem and you can talk with a loved one to support you.

You can set out a period of time where you don’t play or only play with social apps. Even using a voucher service like Paysafecard can help you budget, especially if you only buy what you intend to use.

Simply talking to someone can be very helpful as they can support you. Then you can come up with a plan to have you doing better together. An addiction can make you feel isolated but reaching out to someone can help a lot. There are also professional bodies that you can get in contact with at any time.

What Precautions Do Bingo Sites Employ?

You might not realise it but sites do take precautions to help their players stave off addition, these include:

  • Monitoring player activity and reaching out if the behaviour is unsustainable. This may happen if you’re depositing a lot or wagering large amounts.
  • Providing players with resources and information, as well as contact details of bodies that can help.
  • Allowing players to self-exclude, basically banning themselves from a bingo site and ceasing all contact. If you do this and a site continues to contact you then you can get in touch with the Gambling Commission.

Sites that are committed to providing responsible gambling will do these and more, as they seek to reduce any harm that an addiction can cause.

How Do You Know When You Need Professional Help?

If you’ve tried working things out for yourself but can’t seem to get anywhere then you might need professional help. This means that you’ve seen the signs for yourself and acknowledge there’s an issue but can’t rectify it. Even if you do have someone helping you, they might not be qualified to assist you.

Then it’s time to get in touch with the professionals, there are loads of these charities out there and you can contact them easily. They won’t judge you and they’ve heard from lots of people with the same problem, so you don’t need to feel embarrassed.

Who Can You Contact For Professional Help?

If you feel that it’s time to get in touch with a professional body then you can contact the following:

They can put you in touch with a councillor or even provide you with literature to have a look at when you feel ready. They won’t charge you anything and you can get in touch with many of them around the clock.

Online bingo should be fun, so don’t let an addiction take hold. Just assess your habits and pay attention to your spending, even stop if you don’t feel comfortable any more.