Real Money Games Vs Social Games

When it comes to playing mobile bingo games you normally have two main outlets, you could go for real money games or just for fun games.

Both of these genres have their own differences and they’re both equally popular and successful with players to the point where there’s a huge industry based on both of them.

Real Money Games Vs Just For Fun Social Apps

If you’ve never tried either of these, then here’s a little comparison between the two genres.

First up we have the social casino apps, these are normally free to download and won’t cost you a thing to play as they’re usually free to play. They cater more to the social experience of gaming as they feature chat based games, multiplayer tournaments, an option to link with Facebook and you will often reap bonuses for inviting your friends into your games.

Also, you’re not playing for real cash in these games as your winnings are usually special in-game credits or tokens.

Real money mobile games, on the other hand, are pretty self-explanatory; these are played for real cash with real money being wagered. They also usually have extra features like bonuses or competitions running within them to let you grab more cash.

Hybrid Games

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen the creation of hybrid games where popular titles that were previously classed as social and free to play are becoming real money games.

The most notable of these is Slingo Bingo; they achieved a lot of fame as a social game on Facebook over the years and were recently released on Gaming Realms based site Spin Genie as a real money game. One of the most interesting things about these hybrid games is that they could lead to more social games and apps turning into real money games in the future.

Which Of These Looks Good for the Future?

Of course, since both of these genres are equally popular it begs the question, which one will do well in the future?

There is a demand for social games, but without the ability to play for real cash their lifespan is a tad limited. After all, you may enjoy playing mobile bingo just for fun, but not seeing any real return on your investment of credits or time can become quite boring after a while. So, we could assume that the future of social apps in the gambling industry might be tenuous at best.  We have seen brands like Avatingo for instance close down, and Slingo being integrated with real money site Spin Genie.

The real money bingo games, on the other hand, are still as popular as ever with players with countless sites pulling in tons of players from these brilliant games. Their growth is showing no signs of slowing down and with new mobile technology providing better games and devices, the real money market will continue to flourish in the coming years.

If we were to pick a side, our money would be on real money games.

What Trends Are Players Following?

One of the main trends that players are following in modern mobile bingo market are jackpot bingo games.

In the last few years the number of real money games that have huge jackpots have increased substantially as players try to play for bigger pots. Because after all, who doesn’t love a huge jackpot prize when they’re playing bingo?

So, in the future if you’re looking to start out on mobile gaming we suggest taking a look at either of the real money and just for fun platforms and see which one suits you best. Both of these have tons of benefits and great games that you will enjoy playing for hours.

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