Quest for Fire Slots

Venture back to chaotic time of the caveman with the brilliant Quest for Fire slot game. See if you’ve got what it takes to survive the harsh environment of this prehistoric wilderness in this brilliant mobile slot game.


You don’t need to be a great warrior to beat the cavemen in this game into submission as it’s pretty easy to start playing Quest for Fire slots regardless of your experience with these kinds of games.

You’re presented with five reels to play around with and you have 15 paylines to create various combinations across. You can also easily alter the size of your wager and the amount of active paylines in each round with the ‘BET’ and ‘LINES’ options.

Once you’re happy with how you have it all set up you can start a round of this game by pressing the ‘SPIN’ button or hold it down to unlock the ‘Auto Play’ mode.

As the reels on this slot spin out their rounds you will be given a cash prize based on the combinations you create. Wilds will replace items in your combinations for bigger payouts and they can unlock huge cash prizes when combined with the Jackpot symbol.


A strategy worth using in this game is to bet as much as you can on each round.  This lets you get more from your money and when you launch a bonus round it could result in some massive jackpot prizes.


This mobile slot game has a brilliant prehistoric design that instantly grabs your attention as there’s a chaotic scene in the background of lava flows and exploding volcanos.

The items inside the reels also keep with the Stone Age theme as they contain things like cavemen, volcanos, carved stone, dinosaur eggs and various hunks of meat carved from an array of deadly creatures.


Next up in our Quest for Fire slots review are the bonus rounds you can play around with. The first is the Rock N’ Roll Bonus. Unlocked with two or more of the Rock N’ Roll Scatters on the reels this round lets you spin a wheel to win a multiplier prize. Then there’s the Egg Smash Bonus, which unlocked with two or more Egg Scatters on the reels. This round lets you pick eggs to win a multiplier prize. Finally, there’s a Free Spin Bonus, hit three or more of the Free Scatters on the reels and you will be given a set of spins based on the number of items you used to unlock it.


A good tip for this game is to find a site that provides Quest for Fire slots free. That way you can see what the bonus rounds are like and if you want to invest some real cash into it.

This slot game has a brilliant design, some unique bonuses to play and its gameplay is perfect for your mobile. If you’re looking for a new mobile slot game then definitely download this one.