Progressive Bingo Jackpots

If you’re looking to spice up your time playing bingo then progressive jackpots bingo games might just give you that added boost. These big bingo games take percentages of every ticket to be added directly into the fund and it’s even more exciting than it sounds!

Which are the Best PJPs?

If you want to get right into the best progressive games that you can find online, then we’d recommend playing at one of the following sites:

Cheers Bingo

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Big Tease Bingo

This jackpot studded site will give you progressive jackpot tickets from 2p! Grab a 500% welcome bonus!

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As with any offer, look at the terms and conditions of these on their sites.

How Does Progressive Bingo Work?

Now that you know where to play these games, let’s get more in depth about why and how you can play!

What Is Progressive Bingo?

So, let’s start with what is progressive jackpot bingo, as some out there may not be sure. These games have a prize fund in which a portion of each ticket prices is added, so the more popular the game is the higher the jackpot goes.

How To Play

If you’re looking progressive bingo games, then there are some sites that offer them regularly and others only offer them on a promotional basis. Just find a game that suits you and then you can snap up all the tickets that you want, while contributing to that jackpot fund.

There are some rules to playing in a progressive game, winning may be subject to getting a coverall pattern or a full house. You’ll probably only be able to play in these games with real cash though, so your bonus funds won’t be worth anything in these games.

How Do Prizes Differ From Normal Bingo?

When you play these games, the prize is entirely dependent on the number of players and tickets. There’s usually a minimum prize pot for players, just so that they feel tempted to join in and raise the jackpot. There may be a maximum cap on the winnings too, but this is a bit less common.

They’re always cash prizes, as you can’t play with bonus funds and progressive jackpots can’t really be gifts or prizes. It’s always a thrill to watch the jackpot counter rise!

Odds Of Winning

When we look at progressive bingo odds, they can be lower than a regular game for a few different reasons. Some patterns can be difficult to cover in these games, which means you may be waiting longer for your chance to shine.

There can also be restrictions on how long you have to get your numbers, some sites dictate that you have to get the full house or coverall within a set amount of calls. This can pretty drastically alter your chances of winning and if the jackpot isn’t guaranteed to be won, then it might end up that no one in the room wins it.

Finally if you’re playing in linked bingo games like the ones that cover the entire Dragonfish Network, then you’ll statistically have a lower chance of winning. There are so many players in these games that your odds of winning decrease with every new player in there.

Whether you’re new to progressive jackpot games or have found yourself playing in a few, this information can help you out. Snap up some tickets to the next game on your chosen bingo site and find out if these games are for you.