Piggy Payout Jackpot

Many of us have heard of Piggy Payout Slot, the entertaining Farmyard themed game in which players get the opportunity to wallow in heaps of cash! But perhaps not many of us have heard of the slot’s bigger brother Piggy Payout Jackpot – a progressive jackpot game offering some truly gargantuan wins!


The game does its best to relax you and get you in the mood to play, with a disco-esque 80’s soundtrack and entertaining graphics. Set on the background of a farmyard, the symbols featured include the usual A10JQK symbols, plus adorable and entertaining farmyard animals and heads of corn. When you get a win, the symbols in the winning line do a little dance, which is always entertaining.

How to play

To play Piggy Payout, all you need to do is set the number of lines you wish to play, along with the coin size. A higher coin size is more risky, but offers a greater potential profit when you do make a win. Likewise, more pay lines are more expensive, but the more you have active the more opportunity you will have to win.

Bonus Features

There are a number of Special Features in Piggy Payout designed to spice up your gameplay and maximise your winning potential. For a start, there are two scatter symbols – the pig and the sheep. Getting three or more pigs will grant you entry into the Free Spins round, whilst three or more sheep will grant you some Prize Picks. These can be used to pay out 100x you wager! Plus, look out for the windmill symbol, which makes up the Wild. The Wild substitutes for all other symbols and also doubles your wins – so you can make some great profits with this little windmill alone.

Finally, there is the progressive jackpot itself. Every time someone plays the game, the jackpot gets higher. Eventually, one lucky player will manage to topple it – granting themselves a huge payout!

Strategies and Tips

As Piggy Payout is a slots game, it is difficult to use a strategy as much of it depends on luck. However, you can try things such as being smart about your wagering amount – making small, low risk wagers to slowly build up your profits and minimise your risk, before making larger gambles when you’ve built up quite a bit of cash – meaning that even if you do lose, you’re less likely to end up with less than you started with. Plus, keep an eye on the progressive jackpot to see if you might be in with a chance to grab a truly phenomenal amount of cash.

Where to play:

There are plenty of sites which offer the chance to play Piggy Payout Jackpot! To name just a few of them:

Bingo Hollywood: Bingo Hollywood offers all new players a stonking 500% bonus on their first deposit of £5. Plus, enjoy a bonus of up to 100% on your deposits thereafter – meaning that you effectively double your chances of winning.

Wink Bingo: Check out Wink Bingo’s brand new look, complete with some excellent new promotions such as an impressive 250% welcome bonus, plus the opportunity to win up to £1000 Free!

Red Bus Bingo: This London themed site invites you to take a ride with a 250% first deposit bonus and is ideal for slots, including Piggy Payout, bingo and casino games!

In conclusion Piggy Payout was already a very worthwhile slots game, and the addition of the progressive jackpot to Piggy Payout Jackpot makes the game all the more enjoyable and exciting, with the possibility of landing a huge payout! Make sure you try it out today.