Just How Dodgy or Legitimate is Online Bingo?

When we play games online, there are always a lot of people talking about fixes, scams and dodgy bingo sites. We’re answering fundamental questions about online bingo to get you in the know.

Is Bingo a Scam?

This is the biggest thing on most players’ minds that are interested in their safety and security, is ‘is online bingo fixed?’ While there are some sites out there are scams, by vetting a site you will be able to avoid them.

There are many secure and safe bingo sites out there that offer genuinely random games, you just need to pick them carefully. Then you can play with legitimate bingo sites without a care.

Which Sites are the Best?

If you want to avoid the online bingo scams out there then we suggest that you have a go on these sites:

Big Tease Bingo – If you want to play with a fair site that will welcome you with a no deposit bonus, then this might just be the site for you.

WTG Bingo – Safe sites don’t have to be boring, if you sign up to this site then you’ll find that out as soon as you spin their prize wheel.

Lucky Cow Bingo – If you like freebies then you’ll love this site, as you can claim up to 500 free spins from your very first deposit.

mFortune – Try before you buy with this site, they’ll treat you to £5 free to play with as soon as you sign up.

Take a look into the terms and conditions of these sites for more information.

Is Bingo Rigged or Legit?

There are many things that bingo sites get accused of, but a lot of them are actually legitimate. Here are a few things you may have seen on a bingo site that makes you think it’s rigged.

Same Winner Syndrome

Sometimes, the same winners seem to appear on every game but there can be reasons for this. You might think that this is because the site is fixed but this could be because these players buy more tickets and play in more games. Statistically, this would give them the edge and allow them to win more often.

Waiting for Withdrawals

Withdrawal time can be something that players don’t like the sound of, as they think that waiting a few days may mean they’re not getting their money from a site at all.

Blocked Account Issues

When you sign up to a bingo site, there are terms and conditions about the use of your account. If you break these rules then your account may be blocked, but this doesn’t mean that the operators are scammers. This can be if you violate their rules or if they have reason to suspect that you are not 18 or in an accepted country.

All of these just come down to the rules of a site and most of them are to protect their players. If you think something is amiss, like your account getting blocked or not getting paid out, then you can just get in touch with the Gambling Commission to investigate.

How Safe is Online Bingo?

When you play online, it’s not just bingo sites that are fixed that you should look out for, there are other security concerns.

The Security Risks

Here are some of the risks that come with playing online:

  • Account hacking
  • Phishing
  • Others gaining access to your account, especially children
  • Identity theft
  • Overspending

The Solutions

It’s not rocket science when it comes to mitigating these risks, here are a few things you can do:

  • Protect your account with a secure password
  • Don’t click on email links or respond to emails that ask you for your password
  • Lock whatever device you use to play bingo with a password
  • Only play on safe and reputable sites
  • Set a budget and stick to it

Some argue that playing bingo online can even be safer than a hall, as you’re doing so from the safety of your own home.

How can I Improve my Chances of Winning?

Over the years, experts have looked into ways that bingo players can mathematically improve their chances to win. Take Joseph Granville for example, who accurately predicted many major changes in the stock market. His bingo strategy states that the numbers on the average card will be balanced, according to probability and if they are not then the player can the answer to ‘are online bingo games rigged?’ in this case would be yes.

LHC Tippett was another one of these mathematicians that took a look into the game of bingo. They stated that the longer the 75 ball game goes on, the closer all of the numbers will get to 38 thanks to the random number generator. This means that the cards with more outlying numbers may be luckier.

While these are interesting insights, here are some concrete things you can do to improve your winning talents:

Buying more cards statistically mean you’re able to win more
Prebuying means you can buy more tickets and don’t need to miss out on big games
Knowing the RTP of the site will allow you to pick sites with the best payouts
Do a double check on sites to make sure they really are safe and randomly generated

Resolver: Free Guided Complaints Tool for UK Bingo Players

If you do feel like there is a scam afoot or that you’ve not been treated fairly then Resolver is a tool that may help. This tool helps you to provide the details and reference the terms that have been broken. For UK players, this means that you can communicate more effectively with the UK Gambling Commission and they’re able to help you faster.

The idea is to streamline the complaints process and make it easier for players to have their voices heard. Resolver is a great tool to look into using if you feel like you want to take a complaint further.


Above all, it should be fun to play bingo and win a jackpot, so don’t get wrapped up in spending lots or buying a lot of tickets to give you the winning edge. Just do a little check on a site and then you can play without worrying about any of the scams or bad sites out there.