OK! Fun Bingo

The new advert hitting our television screens is the OK! Fun Bingo app one featuring our favourite reality TV star, Joey Essex. This dashing lad will become your celebrity caller any time you play on this free bingo app and the rewards for doing so are top notch.

How to Play

These games are all 90 ball games and you use your coin balance to play them. These coins will be topped up each day you log on and you’ll find yourself with loads of other freebies too. As you play you’ll visit different game worlds, which will delight and inspire you with their unique themes. Each of these has eight collectable special symbols which will give you fab bonuses.

This is a manual bingo game, so it doesn’t automatically dab the numbers off for you. Instead, to make it more fun, you dab them off yourself and receive points for doing so. If your marker is perfectly placed and timed then you can win coins to turn the bingo challenge into a breeze.

As you play through the game and its worlds you’ll gain experience points, which will level you up. The higher the level the better you’ll do in the game when you play, so log on each day to make the most of these points.

To become an expert at this game you need to practice placing each marker within a few seconds and centred. This may sound easy but it’s more than enough to present a challenge to bingo players that are accustomed to the automatic game.

Game Bonuses

In this game the bonuses are powerups, which each gift the player with a special bonus to make the game a winner more often. Some of these will grant you special powers, like the ability to mark off a few numbers before the call and others will give you free games.

To unlock a powerup you need to get three ideal dabs in a row. These Ace Dabs will reward you with one of these predetermined bonuses to let you see those coins roll in. All of these are great for the player but you’ll soon come to know which ones you like the look of best.

Where to Download

You can play this app on both the Android and Apple stores and after you’ve done that it only takes a minute or two to set up your account. After that you’re ready to go and you can keep this app affixed to the opening screen of your device to be accessed whenever you want.

It doesn’t take long to install the app either, so you won’t be waiting long before you get online. It won’t take up a lot of space, which will keep your device running speedily and happily throughout your time on the app.

Our Summary

As we come to the end of our OK! Fun Bingo review it’s definitely in our good books. We love the concept of free bingo with a form of in game money that doesn’t cost us anything. The bonuses are fun to collect up and trying them all will be sure to make your day every time you jump online. They celebrity caller also goes down well and Joey Essex is the cheeky chappie to keep the bingo balls rolling.