Newbie Bingo Rooms

If you’re a new player on most bingo sites, you can look forward to a whole load of fantastic offers. In this guide, we’ll be covering one of these in particular, newbie bingo rooms. Check it out for all the information you need.

Best Offers for New Players

If you’re a super savvy bingo player that wants to get the most for their money, then we recommend taking advantage of the following offers:

Big Tease Bingo – Not only will you get three days of access into a newbie room here, you’ll also get 25 no deposit spins too.

WTG Bingo – By spinning the mega reel here, you could win loads of free spins or vouchers to play with.

mFortune – Play with no commitment with a no deposit fiver, that’s plenty to enjoy those bingo rooms!

PocketWin – Another site with no deposit fun, you just need to sign up here to start playing.

As ever, we would recommend reading those terms and conditions first.

What are newbie rooms?

As the name suggests, a newbie room on a bingo site is one which caters to the newest players on the site. This means that only those who have recently joined up will be able to play in this room, which has plenty of benefits.

Bingo newbie room offes generally allow you to play for free and win bonus bucks to spend elsewhere. There will be time limits as to how long you can play for and how much you are able to win.

How do they compare with other welcome offers?

We always want the best value for money and newbie rooms can offer you that. If you prefer a welcome offer that guarantees a win, like a percentage bonus boost, then the uncertainty of what you could win from a newbie room may not appeal.

Usually a newbie room comes alongside another welcome offer, so weigh up whether it’s worth it or whether the welcome offer is smaller as a result.

Pros and cons of newbie rooms

There are many great reasons to use newbie bingo rooms, including:

  • You get to know the game without spending a lot or any money with freebies. It’s a good way to practice and understand how they work on that particular site.
  • As everyone is in the same boat, everyone in the chat will have something in common, and if you have any questions or queries then don’t be afraid to ask them as the chances are other newbies probably want to know the answer too.
  • You can find your niche, say you try out pattern bingo as a newbie and then know it’s the one for you. Then, when it comes to spending money you know where you want to do so.
  • There are automatically less players as the games are exclusive to those joining within a specific time period. This means you have a better chance of winning if there’s less players to compete against!

On the other hand there are some downsides to think about too:

  • You often can’t win the same big money jackpots that you can in regular games, and a lot of the time it’s only bonus cash you can win.
  • Players will only be able to try out selected games, not all of the ones out there. Once you win funds, you may be able to try out others but not all will be available to play with bonus cash.
  • The time limit on newbie rooms may mean that you miss out, make sure you trigger the offer when you have the most time to play.

Do I have to deposit to access a newbie room?

This really depends on the site that you are using, as some will allow you to access newbie bingo rooms for free, whereas others will require you to deposit first. If you make a deposit, then you’re a funded player and can get more perks but if you don’t then you’re not as committed to the site.

Are there other ways I can play for free?

If newbie rooms don’t seem like they’re for you or if you want to extend the time you’re playing for free then you can also look for these offers:

  • Free Spins – For the slot game players out there, you can look for free spins in a few different offers. These are becoming much more common on bingo sites as these games become more widely played.
  • Free Rooms – Freebie rooms come without the requirement of being a newbie, but they can come with other restrictions. You may gain access to these onspecial occasions or only for a set period after depositing.
  • VIP Perks – You may get to redeem these regularly and they can include bonus cash and free tickets. You do need to spend more to earn more though, which may not suit frugal players.
  • Refer a Friend Promotions – If you want to get some additional bonus cash then go ahead and refer your friends. This will give you a freebie infusion each time they sign up and deposit.

Newbie room hints and tips

If you’re new to bingo, then these are the tips that you can use to make the time online better and more rewarding:

  • Compare offers on different sites to make sure that you’re always getting the best deal.
  • Chat to the mods or hosts in a room if you need any help, they’re usually around all the time and can help you with anything you need.
  • Get social with other roomies if you want to share tips and learn insider knowledge.
  • As there are time limits on newbie room bingo offers, make sure you understand them and make the most of them. This may mean waiting until the weekend to sign up and play, so you can take part in more games.

Now that you know all about these offers, check out the best bingo newbie rooms out there to get the best possible deals when you play.