Newbie Bingo Rooms

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Newbie bingo rooms are a great way to get introduced to the game of online bingo, and also find your feet on the new bingo site you have chosen. If you find a bingo site which utilises newbie room bingo, then make the most of it while you can!

What are newbie rooms?

As the name suggests, a newbie room on a bingo site is one which caters to the newest players on the site. This means that only those who have recently joined up will be able to play in this room, which has plenty of benefits. Quite often on sites you’ll be able to play a free newbie room which is even better as it gives you the chance to try out the bingo for size, without having to spend any of your own cash first. Whether free or not, newbie rooms are a great introduction for new players with plenty of prizes and rewards for winners.

Pros and cons of newbie rooms

There are many great reasons to use newbie bingo rooms, chief of which is to get to know the game, not to mention your fellow players. As everyone is in the same boat, everyone in the chat will have something in common, and if you have any questions or queries then don’t be afraid to ask them as the chances are other newbies probably want to know the answer too! These rooms are great as there’s no pressure and no intimidation from more experienced players, everyone is learning the ropes together before joining everyone in the big money games later.

Another pro of using the newbie rooms is that there are automatically less players as the games are exclusive to those joining within a specific time period. This means you have a better chance of winning if there’s less players to compete against! Plus there are often great rewards up for grabs, like up to £300 in jackpots to claim from certain newbie rooms.

However the downside to playing in newbie rooms is that you often can’t win the same big money jackpots that you can in regular games, and a lot of the time it’s only bonus cash you can win. While there are still good jackpot incentives to play in these rooms, you’ll find that they rarely come with 5 figure cash jackpots or things like new cars to play for.

Where are the best newbie room offers?

Newbie bingo rooms are starting to become quite popular on bingo sites, however it helps to find a site with some great rewards up for grabs. Here are two of the best newbie room bingo sites we’ve found:

Wink Bingo

– Play for free in the newbies room at Wink Bingo for your first 3 days as a new player. Here there’s up to £300 in jackpots to be won per day, with a max of 6 free cards per game for players. The room is open from 7am till 10pm daily so there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy some free fun.

Bingo Hollywood

– This fab bingo site promises a 500% welcome bonus plus a fab room exclusively for newbies open from 7pm until 10pm daily. Pop in and see what prizes are on offer!

Newbie room hints and tips

The best tip we could offer players in newbie rooms is to go in and be yourself. Don’t worry about asking questions as now is the time to do it. Be chatty and pick up the bingo lingo and before you know it you’ll have loads of new bingo buddies.

Another hint is to play as much as you can to make the most of this room in the limited time you have. Particularly if you find a free newbie room, this is your chance to pick up some mega rewards without spending anything.

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