New Miss White Slot

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One new slot game that has been making the rounds in the online bingo industry lately is Miss White.

Even though it hasn’t been around for long it’s been going down well with players and it’s fast becoming the next big game to play. So with that in mind we thought we would give it a little look.


You don’t have to be familiar with fairy tales to win big in this game as it’s pretty easy to figure out its controls.

You have five reels that come with 1024 ways to win thanks to the fact this game has the ‘MultiwayXtra’ feature attached to it. This means your controls are confined to altering the size of your wager on each spin and whether you want the games reels to play out manually or automatically with the ‘Auto Spin’ option.

The reels behave like they would in a normal slot game, so you land cash prizes for hitting specific combinations, but where things get interesting is that this game has ‘End2End Wilds’. What that means is if you get two Wilds on opposite ends of the reels from each other, they will expand across the reels horizontally to meet.

This turns every symbol in their way into a Wild which in turn gives you massive payouts.


One strategy we recommend for this game is to wager at the maximum level. This lets you land a larger amount of return from your bets, especially if you hit a few ‘End2End’ combos.


A tip worth trying with this game is to find a free to play version, that way you can test its controls and bonus feature before you invest any real cash.


The design of fairy-tale slots is a great feature as it sets players within a mystical forest that looks like it’s straight out of some children’s book. Giant branches form a green canopy above your head blocking out all the light it casts a shadow over a set of reels covered in flowing gold.

Inside the reels are various characters that keep with the fairy tale theme they’re going for. For example, there’re princes, dwarves, dark castles, a sinister villain with a knife and there’re lots of wild animals that could call this forest home.


To keep things exciting the Miss White slot game also incorporates a fun bonus round that you can use to pick up lots of cash.

For example, you could try triggering their Magic Mirror Free Spins Bonus by landing three mirror Scatters on the reels. When it launches you will have to pick a poison apple to land anything from five to 15 free spins.

The free spin round also comes with the ‘End2End’ feature, so you could land quite a lot of jackpot prizes by hitting the expanding Wild in your combinations.

Bingo Sites with Miss White

Even though it’s still relatively new, the Miss White slot game is already performing well on bingo sites, below is one place you can visit to try out this title.

Mecca Bingo:

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So far we’ve loved every minute spent with the Miss White slot game, it’s an incredible piece of software that has a beautiful design, easy to use controls and some unique gameplay mechanics. You definitely have to play this game!