Mobile Bingo Sites with Spin the Wheel Bonus

As we go ahead and explain how spin the wheel bingo sites work, first let’s look at a few top sites where you’ll find this type of bonus:

Top Sites to Spin the Wheel

Notice the slight differences in how the following casinos use this type of bonus in their welcome packages:

Lucky Cow Bingo

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Cheers Bingo

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Lucky Touch Bingo

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Spin the Wheel Bonuses Explained

So, as you can see, there are variances in how bingo sites offer their spin-the-wheel benefit schemes (even within the same network). That leads us to the question of how they basically work across the board.

The Goals of the Wheel

Here’s the wheel deal: many sites are installing a prize wheel as a permanent fixture of their overall package of benefits for new and existing members. At essence, this wheel makes a small game out of receiving bonuses — and it has proven extremely popular for players.

  • It allows a bingo site to entice you with a range of bonuses, depending on chance, rather than a flat offer to everybody.
  • The nice thing, since it is fun to spin the wheel, is that sites can continue giving the benefit to members after they sign up.
  • Also, each site can configure its wheel uniquely, which creates more interest for players and sets apart competing sites.

The wheel could give you free spins, vouchers or even bingo bonuses to spice up your time online. It’s all about the excitement and anticipation with these bonuses, as you never really know what you’re going to get!

Usually you’ll be taken directly to the wheel to play your spin, or there may be a spin bank section on the site that you can use at your leisure.

Typical Prize Wheel Bonuses

Prize wheels can have all kinds of bonuses, from free spins to real cash. The offers that you see online for these prize wheels will vary depending on the site and the network. Even in the last year alone, we’ve seen major changes to these wheels because of the bonus tax that was brought in.

This has changed the vast majority of offers that we see online and they look like they’re not finished changing yet! Some of these offers have been changing for the better and adding in more spins, whereas some are reducing their bonus amount.

Remember: With many of these prize wheels you may not be guaranteed any prize, even a minor one.

Spin-the-Wheel Compared to Other Bonuses

Since spin-the-wheel joins many other types of available bonuses, let’s compare and contrast a few:

In Contrast to No-Deposit Free Spins

Usually you are given a chance to spin a site’s prize wheel as an additional deposit bonus, alongside or instead of the normal deposit match offer (normally from 100% to 200%). Therefore, most spin-the-wheel opportunities stand in contrast to free cash or free spins given before you deposit.

Compared to Other Bonuses

The best comparison of a chance to spin the wheel is in relation to the combination of a no-deposit offer and deposit bonus:

  • you might get to spin it as an enhanced no-deposit gift (with potential for a huge win right away), or …
  • you may get to spin as an enhanced bonus on your first deposit (so you end up with more than 200% matched)
  • … or, you may even get both of these benefits from a super generous bingo site!

Spin the Wheel in other offers

Spin the wheel bonuses aren’t just restricted to the welcome offer, you can also receive them as part of the following promos:

  • Reloads – If you deposit enough then you may be able to spin the wheel all over again as a reload offer. This is a great promo to look out for on a site, as it means you get to experience it again.
  • Loyalty – Watch out for barometers or sliders on a site, as this can mean you can build up to another wheel spin. Over a period of time of depositing and playing, you can earn another one of these.
  • Social Media – On social media, you can even take part in competitions to get another spin of the wheel. These are great ways to take a small competition and get a whole lot more bang for your buck.
  • Codes – Seasonal codes can also have prize spins in there too, watch out for these one off deals in your inbox or on social media. Then, you’ll be able to nab them before they expire.

The beauty of these prize wheel spins is that you can get accustomed to receiving them more than once. With a traditional welcome offer, you’ll get a high level of bonus funds but you’ll only get that once. Spread these bonuses through your time on a site and you can expect a whole load more.

Can We Win Real Cash?

You can win real cash to use for playing bingo at the site, which might turn into money you could withdraw after winning when using your bonus. But generally, bingo sites will not offer the spin-the-wheel promotion as a way to win a huge cash jackpot.

With some sites, you can win a lot of spins, which you can play with and then wager through the requirements to withdraw. While this is possible, it can be tricky!

On the other hand you may find that it’s easier to turn these bonuses into cash when compared to a no deposit offer. As you’re a funded player, you’ll be more likely to be able to withdraw once you’ve wagered through.

Player’s Point

Please note that spinning a prize wheel will have restrictions and limitations just like other bonuses, since it mainly extends those types of offers. It’s always a good idea to read the full text and terms of the welcome offer in order to be able to understand the deal.

What are the Ts&Cs?

The important point to understand about a spin the wheel bingo bonus is that a site is using it to encourage you to join, and to give you an extra edge as a new member. You should not expect it to be just like the rewards of winning normal bingo games and slots, let alone jackpots.

There could be any of the following Terms and Conditions (or others not listed) attached to whatever you win from a bingo deposit bonus spin the wheel offer.

  • wagering requirements: meaning you must bet a multiple (maybe 3X) the amount of your bonus plus your deposited amount before withdrawing winnings
  • maximum bonus: you may be restricted from claiming new bonuses if you already have a certain amount (maybe £100) in your bonus balance
  • ceiling for winnings: winning using your bonus cash or free spins might be capped at a certain maximum (maybe £100 or more)
  • game restrictions: many times you may only use your bonus in certain bingo rooms, or use free spins on certain slots

Each site will set out their own terms on what they expect you to do before you can withdraw. Keep these in mind, as well as any restrictions, if you want to play in style.

Remember that wagering requirements on free spins operate in a different way to requirements on a bonus. Your wagering requirements may be applied to what you win, you might have a cap on your winnings and there can be expiry dates. These tend to be a bit more restrictive so do bear this in mind.

Even vouchers can come with terms, as you need to make sure the right address or email is on your account. The site most likely won’t take responsibility if you don’t check this in advance, so make sure all of these details are correct.

Which do you Prefer?

Whether you’re keen on a prize wheel or would rather stick with a straight bonus, this will be entirely down to your own personal preference. With these wheels, you may like the excitement of those free spins or you may prefer to go with a deal that’s more straightforward.

If you’ve never experienced playing with one of these spin the wheel sites, we’d suggest just giving it a go if you’re not sure if it’s for you.

Worth Your Spin!

Although there are a few things to consider and know about bingo sites with spin the wheel bonus we think that overall they are definitely worth your while. At the very least, you get a chance to sample games, meet other roomies and get the hang of the place!