Mobile Bingo Apps

Online bingo is the evolution of the offline version of the game, but even the online version was never going to be free from further advancement.

As now all of our favourite brands have dedicated mobile bingo apps, with many offering mobile bingo games that have been adapted to function on players’ devices.

Here are some of our favourites:

mFortune Bingo

At mFortune, you'll have a dedicated bingo app across a huge range of devices + £5 free for creating an account.

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Sun Bingo Mobile

Sun Bingo will warm you right up! A tenner deposit and you will get extra £30 bonus to spend!! There's much more - read on...Visit website for full T&C's.

Browser Apps Vs Downloadable Apps

There are a number of differences between browser games and downloadable apps, we’ve covered a few of them below.

For example, the browser apps all operate with HTML web pages that have all been cut down to be compatible with mobiles and touch screen technology. The browser apps allow instant connection to your content whilst an app has to be downloaded and installed first.

There’s also the issue of compatibility as some apps won’t work with certain phones, browsers, however, are universal and work on any device.

However, browsers have their fair share of flaws, with browsers you have to sit through long load times and you usually have to login each time you visit a site. Apps, on the other hand, offer instantaneous access as the games are already installed on your device.

Downloadable apps can also incorporate features of your phone for gameplay, such as using motion controls or your devices mic or camera. Browsers, unfortunately, don’t have this feature.

Social Games Vs Real Money

There are two types of games, the social and real money games.

The social games are played for fun and are free to play along. The name social games derives from the great social media integration allowing you to share your victories and fun moments with friends over Facebook.

Real Money games, however, are played far more seriously as they involve wagering real cash for a chance to get a large return. Plus, real money apps also come with a wider selection of games.

Android Vs iPhone

There are a lot of arguments for and against using Android or iPhone but as far as gaming goes they’re fairly similar, but they do have their own differences.

To start off, Androids have a larger screen which allows for better resolution and easier controls with its bigger playing area, also, some games also load faster on android than on iPhone.

However, the biggest issue with Androids is that it comes with a few compatibility problems with certain apps and sites. Even though that’s mainly confined to the older models of phones, you can still encounter the odd glitch on the newer models.

iPhones have a better compatibility with casino games and can run more demanding apps and sites, but unfortunately iPhone screens are smaller which makes the resolution more compressed.

Mobile gaming is the best way you can play bingo as it lets you access your content wherever and whenever you like. If you’re looking for a fun platform to get your bingo fix we recommend downloading a mobile app or visiting a site directly with your phone’s browser.