Lucky Bingo on Facebook

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Are you feeling lucky?  If not let Lucky Bingo be your good luck charm!  This fantastic game differs from other mobile bingo sites as not only is it available on Facebook – rather than playing for real money – you are playing with virtual currency.  This is a great way for you to enjoy your bingo fix without having to spend your hard earned cash!  With over 50,000 players visiting their Facebook app – it’s definitely a brand that is gaining in popularity and we can see why.

Accessing Lucky Bingo

As mentioned Lucky Bingo is available on the biggest social media channels around which means they already have a large captive audience.  As well as this you can also play Lucky Bingo on your iPad and iPhone – so Apple product lovers you will now be more happy with your purchase than you would have thought!  Powered by LuckyLabs – Lucky Bingo boasts fantastic graphics and animations making it super exciting to play. Should bingo be on the news? Click here to find out.

Games at Lucky Bingo

Lucky Bingo wants to cater to every kind of bingo lover – that’s why they have more than one type of game for you to enjoy when visiting your app.  First of all they have what they have named Painfully Slow Bingo for those of you lazy ones out there!  This is a completely unique coverall jackpot game and takes ages to play out!  On day one 23 bingo balls will be called at the same time and then each day after that 10 balls will be called at noon.  You need to keep checking in to see what the new numbers that have been called out are and try and scoop the jackpot!  Then there is instant bingo for those of you who simply can’t wait to get that win under your belt.  Live action bingo allows you to play with your Facebook friends and have a cheeky gossip or natter whilst enjoying the game.

Our Opinion

We think this is a pretty cool game.  It should have everything you would need in terms of the social and bingo front and it is free to play!  You will be presented with free coins every day you visit it – so make sure you are a regular visitor! Check out who has the best apps here.