Low Deposit Bingo

We don’t always want to spend a lot of money when we play online, or split up our money between a lot of different sites. This is where low minimum deposit bingo sites come in handy, we’re here to tell you all about these!

Where to play with the lowest deposit?

If you want to play without spending a lot, then we would recommend the following low deposit bingo sites:

WTG Bingo – Splash out with this site with just a fiver, you never need to spend much to enjoy what they’re offering.

Big Tease Bingo – Spend just £5 and you’ll still be eligible for a massive first deposit bonus of 500%, excellent value for players!

mFortune – You don’t have to spend anything to get playing with this site, as they have a no deposit bonus in place, though you don’t need to spend much thereafter.

PocketWin – With just a small required, you will be able to get playing with the proprietary games from this site in no time.

Make sure you read through the terms and conditions of all offers before you play!

What is a Minimum Deposit?

A minimum deposit is the smallest amount that you can make on a site, the smallest that the cashier window will accept. This can be as low as just a few pounds, so what can you expect to get with these offers?

No Deposit

If you don’t want to deposit at all, then you can watch out for these offers. This will generally give you a small amount of funds to play with, before you’ve decided to play with the site. These can include free spins, small amounts of funds and bingo tickets.

You may also find yourself headed into a newbie room, where you can play for more funds. These will be open to you for a set period of time upon sign up, so make sure you’re able to make the most of this!

£5 Deposit

You don’t always get a deposit bonus for this amount, as you may have to deposit more in order to qualify. Some sites will give you the same percentage bonus as a player that wagers more, whereas others give you a higher percentage if you choose to spend a bit more.

Again, newbie rooms and free tickets are common with these kinds of deposits – as you’re not guaranteed to win a lot with them. This helps the site cut down on players that only spend a little but get a lot back.

£10 Deposit

These are the kind of offers that are a bit more common, as sites want you to splash out. These can consist of percentage based bonuses, free spins and entry into different rooms. These offers tend to be a bit more generous, as you’re splashing out with a decent amount of money.

Now that we know what these are and what to expect, it’s time to start looking into the pros, cons and fine print. This is where our guide gets a bit more intense!

No Deposit vs Low Deposit

If you don’t want to spend a lot, then you may be more drawn to looking for no deposit sites over low ones. However, there are pros and cons to each of these.

No Deposit Bingo


  • You don’t need to spend anything
  • You can try out lots of different sites
  • Players don’t need to share their information
  • You can test a site out for yourself


  • You’re not fully funded so there can be restrictions
  • These bonuses are getting harder to come by
  • Claiming lots of these bonuses can come under bonus abuse

Low Deposit Bingo


  • You’re funded so you have more access to the site
  • You might get an extra bonus on top
  • You don’t have to spend much to try the site
  • There are less restrictions


  • You might have to deposit more to be able to withdraw
  • £5 doesn’t always go very far on these sites

Minimum Deposits on Offers

Welcome Offers

When you claim a welcome offer, you’re getting extra on your first deposit. The percentage will vary from site to site, as will the terms of the offer. On some sites, you have to put in as much as £20 to get their offer.

These can come in different forms, like free spins, prize wheel spins or a percentage boost. It’s important to understand what the upper limits mean too, for example you may get up to a set amount. This doesn’t always apply to your whole deposit, as the cap applies to the top amount of bonus that you can get, not the top deposit that will be valid for the offer.

Say you spend £200 and the max 100% bonus on the site is £100, the bonus will only be applied to the first £100. This is important to know, as you might get more if you choose to break a big deposit up into separate ones.

Special Promotions

Over the course of a special promotion, you may be prompted to spend a minimum amount. This may mean you’re prompted to deposit say £25 to opt in, then you have to spend more to qualify for entries to the draw.

When you take part in a tourney, these minimum amounts can go up quite substantially. Some sites want you to spend £100 before you can be considered on the tourney list, then you still have to beat the rest of the players and spend more.

With freebie games, you may also have had to spend within the last week or month. Some free games are only open to VIPs or players that have spent £100 over the course of the last month. These can deplete your cash rather quickly!

Our advice would be to take these special promotions with a pinch of salt, as they can end up being a bit overambitious. You might be asked to spend a lot of money to even qualify, never mind win, and that’s money that may be better spent elsewhere.

Redeposit Bonuses

With a welcome package, you might get a percentage match on more than your first deposits. This means that you have to meet the minimum more than once, over the course of three deposits. Or, you may also get a bonus that is offered on all reloads, providing you’ve splashed out enough.

If you are claiming these compound offers, then you have to make sure you clear all of the wagering requirements before you request a withdrawal. If you have uncleared bonuses in your account, these can often disappear before your eyes.

It’s a good idea to really look into the wagering requirements and minimum deposits on each of these offers individually. Although they’re on the same site, it’s possible for them to vary. The promotions page should tell you everything you need to know about


If you spend often with a site, you can get more perks. These do tend to be based on what you’ve spent over a set period of time, with those that spend more getting more in return. With some sites, we have to spend a set amount to qualify as a high roller, even if you like to go for lower individual funds, you might get there over time.

When you spend with a site, you can start to look forward to monthly rewards. This is often a ladder based structure, which starts at the bottom and then you work your way up. At the lower end of the scale, you can start to get smaller freebies like bonus codes and spins. As you move up these ladders, you tend to get better perks, like quicker withdrawals and funds.

Other sites will also offer you the chance to trade in your loyalty points for prizes of your choosing. You could get a vacation, tech gifts and even a new car out of these. Obviously this would be dependent on you spending a lot of money with the site over time in order to qualify for these.

It’s All in the Details

While you may be tempted to look at minimum deposits on the face of things, you should always attempt to look more in depth. Say you make a minimum deposit and you now have £5 in your account to play with, what games are you going to be watching out for?

For some, you may immediately be drawn to the penny games, as naturally you want to start with the games that are going to cost you the least. In these games, you’ll tend to be getting small bonus prizes, which you can in turn play other games with.

If you wanted to go for something like a £1 game, you’d be in the running to get much better prizes. However, you could purchase far fewer tickets for these, so you’d have a lower chance of actually winning. It’s all about weighing up all of these options before you get spending.

We know that the time you spend thinking about all this will detract from your bingo time, but it’s worth watching out for what your expectations are.

Terms to be Familiar With

If you want to become au fait with bingo sites, then you really need to know about the following terms and how they impact your ability to withdraw:

  • Bonus Cash – Some sites refer to bonus funds as bonus cash, you could be forgiven for thinking that came without wagering requirements. On the contrary, these will be subject to the same terms as the rest of the bonuses that you can get on the site.
  • Real Cash – This is the portion of your balance that has either been deposited or has been converted into real cash. These are free of wagering requirements, but there may still be some terms to satisfy before you’re able to actually withdraw it.
  • Sticky Bonus – This is a kind of bonus that sticks to your balance and is nigh on impossible to cash out. These are generally put in place by sites that have high wagering or just want to give freebie funds without allowing players to turn them to cash.
  • Cashable Bonus – These bonuses are ones that are possible to cash out with, though there may still be requirements attached to that. They have the possibility to turn into cash, though you may have a few more hoops to jump through before that happens!
  • Keep what you Win – In terms of bonuses, these are ones that only have a 1x wagering requirement, so what you win is automatically cash. This means you’re far more likely to be able to cash out and win money from your bonuses.

Feel free to bookmark this information if you want to come back to refer to it another time. This is important for you to think about in advance, as this lingo will potentially affect your chances of withdrawing.

Ts and Cs

Terms and conditions are a bane for many bingo players, as you don’t always want to spend a long time sifting through the fine print. Here are some that you’ll want to scout out:

  • Minimum Deposit to Withdraw – So, a site accepts your minimum £5 deposit, you play and you want to withdraw your winnings. This may not be allowed, as they can have a minimum deposit required before you are able to request a withdrawal. This can be as high as £30, which will take a long time to reach with smaller deposits!
  • Expiry Dates – While you’re diligently working to get through those wagering requirements, you may notice that your bonus has disappeared overnight. This may have been the work of expiry dates, which you didn’t notice when you signed up.
  • Winning Caps – These are most often applied to free spins, as they affix a winning cap to what you are able to get. This can apply to bingo tickets too, so make sure you keep your eyes open. A bonus can become far less lucrative if you can only win a couple of quid with it.
  • Bonus Abuse – Watch out for sites that actively look for players abusing bonuses. This can end up meaning your account gets banned and that you don’t have any funds. If you play on lots of sites on the same network or claim multiple offers, you might just lose your account.
  • Fees – If you’re spending a smaller amount, you might just have to pay a fee. This is because the bingo site will be paying a fee on your behalf to accept your deposit, so they want to pass that onto you. If you spend more with them, then they may be willing to waive this.

Every site has different terms, as they can be as strict or as lenient as they like. This is why it’s so important to look into these in depth, rather than just what you see on the homepage. Whether you’re playing £5 deposit bingo or spending more, the fine print is always an essential step on your journey.


We hope that all of this information has helped you to play with low deposit bingo sites a bit more easily and navigate the waters. Our final piece of advice would be to really spend time thinking about the various offers that are out there, instead of just making a snap decision. This can end up impacting you in the long term, so don’t miss out.