Live Bingo Network Launch New Brands in 2015

It looks like 2015 is going to be an interesting year for the Live Bingo Network as this popular online gambling site provider has revealed they’re launching some new brands this year.

This iconic provider has already got a pretty substantial portfolio of sites connected to it and the news of new sites adding to it will only be for the benefit of the players that use its various brands.

Who Are They?

Created by Cozy Games, the Live Bingo Network appeared to players with its flagship site Landmark Bingo in 2009 and they’ve since experienced a lot of success with the brands they connected with.

They provide players with a variety of high quality games that range from things like 90,80 and 75 ball bingo to slot games like Honey Bees, Plushie Pleasures as well as Treasures of King Arthur to name a few of them.

Using all of this great content they’ve managed to carve out a niche for themselves in the market that they haven’t been unseated from.

New Brands Coming in 2015

So far, we know that the new bingo sites 2015 will bring to this brand are Honey Bees Bingo, Quackpot Bingo and Ahoy Bingo.

Little else is known about these sites, but since they will be running on the same software as their sister sites. So it’s safe to say that they will provide the same games like slots that cover titles like Plushie Pleasures, casino games like Roulette and Blackjack plus a small selection of instant win games.

They will also be providing players with the fun 50 ball variant of bingo, this mode appeals to the majority of players thanks to its speedy rounds which are great for quick games.

Also, the network are planning a bigger move into the European market with these sites. Especially after the launch of their Grimms Bingo site which is open for Swedish players and the news that they’re planning another European site like Sola bingo.

The LBN’s Achievements So Far

Of course, we’ve been only been able to glean some basic information about these sites but if they’re anything like the other Live Bingo Network sites they’re definitely going to be worth checking out.

For those not familiar with this networks achievements, here’s a brief outline of what the company has managed so far since its original launch way back in 2009.

For starters, they have a track record that consists of six years of success and expertise in the industry, so they know what makes a site work and what doesn’t. They also, at last count, have 3,507,241 unique players and this number is always rising, so they’re obviously doing something right if they manage to bring in so many players regularly.

They have had £1,000 million in wagers made, £150,000 in jackpots claimed and £220,000 won from their various slot games. They also contain 49 partnered sites with 50 more in the pipeline and 17 networked bingo rooms.

So in such a short space of time they’ve had quite a lot of success with their brand and their various partnered sites. This in turn ensures that whatever they plan on doing with these new sites will ultimately work out in their favour.

Even though we have still yet to see what these bingo websites contain, they still have a pedigree of sister sites to back them up.

However, whether they manage to bring in as many players as the other partnered brands is something we will just have to watch. At any rate it’s certainly another big step for the Live Bingo Network.