Latest Bingo Payment Options

When bingo sites first came online, they generally only took payments through a credit or debit card. This has all changed now, with many different payment methods entering the market and giving players more options than ever.

In this article, we’re taking a look into the latest payment options out there and if they’ll ever make it to our favourite bingo sites.


This type of payment method is very slowly creeping into the world of online bingo, with a few fringe sites starting to adopt it. We’d like to see this payment method becoming a bit more used, as it’s easy and doesn’t take much effort to do so. It’s a super secure platform and sites can even customise it to suit their players, so if they want to keep things simple they can take extra options out or add in new features.

It’s more popular in Europe at the moment but it is being used in the gambling industry, so we might see a bingo site picking up on the Safecharge system. You still use your card with this system but it’s stored in their secure safe, so they’re under a lot of protection. This may not be suitable for those that don’t wish to use cards online, they may want to stick to something like Paysafecard instead.

This product was first brought out back in 2010 but it’s yet to make a big splash on the UK market. The closest competitor is probably an eWallet service like PayPal or Neteller, both big names in the payments industry. With this type of competition, it won’t be easy for this provider to establish a name here.


Some of the biggest alternate payment methods come to us from Sweden and Zimpler is yet another export of this country. Their name is a play on ‘simpler’ as they aim to make the process of transferring money easy. You could liken this payment method to paying by phone bill, as they are quite similar but with a few differences.

This payment method relies on your mobile phone to make the payment, just sign up for an account and you can add your card into it. Then, when it’s time to deposit you can authorise the payment through the app on your phone and it will appear in your account. This means that you don’t have to disclose your details to the site directly, instead they will just pass the payment along.

This is quite like using the PayPal app on your phone but with some different functionality in there too. It looks like a really cool and slick payment method that’s up to date with what players are looking for.


When we first heard of cryptocurrency they seemed really complicated but when you get around to using them, it’s not too tough. The first step is to set up your wallet, which you’ll need if you want to use a currency like bitcoin. This is just a programme that stores all your coins in it.

This type of currency is quite thrilling to use, as the value of it will change too. What might be a £20 win one day might turn into a £100 one another as the fluctuations hit the value. It’s kind of like an additional game to time selling your coins right to get the most from your stake. That mechanic might not be for everyone though, as some players just want to keep things as simple as possible.

Again, this is a payment method that we’re more seeing in the casino market but there’s no reason it couldn’t be offered to bingo players in the future too. The technical nature of these currencies may put some players off, as they just want to deposit and pay but there are many perks to using them. They’re completely anonymous for a start and if you have a good computer you can mine them for free.

With cryptocurrencies, you’re also supporting a cool cause as they aim to create a totally unique service that’s free of banks. Bitcoin was one of the first to come online as a response to the financial crash and it has an ethos that many people agree with. There’s no chance of it going out of business and you can even invest your coins for a larger return.

If you’re interested in learning about cryptocurrencies then there are a lot of online resources that you can use.


With the alternate payment market in the UK worth more than ever these days, it’s no surprise we’re seeing these types of services emerging. We’re always in favour of more ways to pay safely so it would be great for more bingo sites to make these methods available to their players. Perhaps this year this will become a reality.