Is Paysafecard to Take Over Ukash?

With the Skrill group acquiring Ukash late last year players knew that changes would be coming to their eWallet service. There was much speculation at the time of the acquisition but no one could have predicted the changes that the Skrill group has announced to their services.

Until recently not much had changed but now Skrill have announced that they’ll be taking Ukash vouchers off of the market and directing customers to use their Paysafecard service instead. The announcement must have been in planning for a long time as it was not until six months after the acquisition that they decided to remove the service.

What does this mean for bingo players?

For bingo players who use Ukash this transition has already started as they can no longer buy their chosen payment vouchers. The next phase will come at the end of October when players can no longer use their vouchers at all, so be sure to use them up before they become invalid.

The only option for players who want to use a similar service is to purchase a Paysafecard in future. Services like PayPal still store players’ card details so in that way Paysafecard and Ukash were unique. It’s not all bad though as there are many benefits to using Paysafecard instead of Ukash including more retailers, improved support and more options.

For players who want to familiarise themselves with Paysafecard before purchasing there are plenty of informative guides on their website. They also have a helpful service team that will assist anyone struggling with the new system.

What’s the difference between Ukash and Paysafecard?

There isn’t much difference between Ukash and Paysafecard beyond the name so the Skrill Group will be hoping that they transition to the new system with few teething problems.

There are some advantages to moving over to the new Paysafecard system as customers can download an app and see all the nearest retailers around them. They can also check out video guides here and they even provide video guides to cashiers to make sure that the transaction goes smoothly.

Paysafecard also has fewer numbers in its PIN, which means it takes even less money to deposit online. Paysafecard is also accepted in even more locations that Ukash and on even more bingo sites, so if there was one you couldn’t deposit with before it may be worth checking if they take Paysafecard.

The service is still free, which players will be happy to hear, and they can still but vouchers in different denominations and even combine them to use up smaller amounts. Players will still get the same service to deposit money online without adding card details, and the Skrill group will be hoping that’s all that matters.

Is Paysafecard sold in the same places as Ukash?

Paysafecard is sold in even more places that Ukash was, including petrol stations, supermarkets and convenience stores. The app can come in handy to locate the nearest retailer as you only need to put on your GPS and it will direct you to the closest one. This is good news for players as they may find a retailer closer to them that they previously could not buy their Ukash voucher from.