How to Make Your Summer Wardrobe Stretch into Autumn


The falling of the leaves on the trees and plummeting temperatures can usher us to start spending on a new wardrobe. However, with Christmas fast approaching it is even more important to stretch the pound and get more for your money.

Repurposing and recycling is the new black. Below you will find a few ways to make the transition from a summer to an autumn wardrobe much easier and affordable.

It is All About the Layers


If you are looking to make your summer outfits work harder for you then this is a brilliant way to do so. Layering up with a cool leather jacket or woollen knits can instantly transform your outfit, making it suitable for an autumn breeze. If done well, layering can expand your wardrobe, allowing your summer outfits to last longer into autumn.

Layering down can have an equal effect, if you’re looking to still flaunt that strappy number why not layer down with a long sleeve top or turtle neck and a scarf to compliment and officialise the passing of the summer.

Have a range of jackets and blazers at hand, these will add pizzazz to any summer outfit and keep you warm at the same time. Make sure to keep the maxi dresses going well into the autumn with the use of this simple layering tip.

Basics you will need: leather jacket, blazers and cardigans

Texturise Where You Can


Using texture in the form of knits and cosy fabrics will create a chic look. Do not overdo this by bulking up so much, as if you are ready for winter. In fact, make sure to use lighter fabrics such as cashmere and cotton as these will keep you rocking your summer clothes well into autumn.

Basics you will need: cashmere cardi’s, light wool sweaters and knits

Reuse and Rethink


It is not always necessary to pack away all your bright summer clothes as these can still be utilised. However, make sure to pair them up with complementing somber seasonal colours such as blacks, navy blues, browns and greys.

Get out those sundresses and layer them up with cardigans and complimentary pieces. Try to stay away from pastels as these tend to clash with darker autumn colours.

In addition, if you love your floral outfits from the summer make sure to transition the darker shades rather than the lighter blossoms as they will blend in better.

With the unpredictability of the British weather, it is important to keep backup pieces such as cardigans and jackets at hand. Approach these reserves if the weather turns and reduce the risk of catching a cold.

Basics you will need: bright summer dress, seasonal coloured cardigan/sweater



Accessories can make or break any outfit. Therefore, it is important to use them wisely. There are a few accessories that can compliment your new look.

  • Funky Tights- These are wearable under any summer dress, shorts or skirt making your wardrobe stretch further into autumn. Oh and they keep you warm too! You can find them in all sorts of funky designs and colours so why not be eccentric and get your colour on.
  • Sock Mania- Socks are great if you want to keep wearing your sandals and wedges right into autumn. Like tights, you can purchase these in a variety of colours and designs. Just make sure the design you choose compliments your outfit.
  • Shoe Change- Boots are great with summer dresses and skirts. If you want to get your cowgirl look going or just want to stay warm and dry, these are a perfect accompaniment to your usual wardrobe. Try out different lengths such as knee high or ankle boots. If you feel that is too much of winter fashion, too soon, why not upscale at a slower pace. Start with pumps, and lace up shoes and then move on from there.
  • Scarfology- Gone are the light feather like scarves, moving into autumn be sure to have a stash of warmer pashmina or cashmere scarves to throw on over a summer outfit. When the weather drops further, opt in for cosier options such as a chunkier scarf or a snood.

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