Honey Bees Mobile Slot

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Everyone at some point has played Honey Bees which was adopted early by Cozy Games and has become quite a popular game across their various websites. It’s a cartoon styled slot game that’s filled with adorable looking bees and fun bonus features that can soak up several hours of your time.

Comparisons of Sites with This Slot Game

Since this bumblebee based game is so popular because so many Cozy Games sites use it we decided to take a look at the best ones to access on your mobile.

Lucky Touch Bingo:

First up is Lucky Touch Bingo, it features an interesting design that uses clovers and horseshoes they fixate on trying to make you as lucky as possible. They’ve got a great list of games, which of course the Honeybee slot is at the top of and there’s a pretty generous welcome pack up for grabs.

For starters they’ll give you £10 free for just creating an account. Then when you make a deposit you’ll also receive a 500%, 350% and 300% bonus on your first, second and third deposits.

Tea Time Bingo:

On this site it’s all about taking some time out to stop and smell the flowers whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea. With a cartoon teapot mascot showering a woman in coins it creates a fun and friendly atmosphere.

There’s also a pretty generous welcome bonus plan. When you join you’ll be given a £15 no deposit bonus and when you put cash into your account you’ll be offered the choice of either a sweet  400% bonus or 25% cash bonus.

They also offer either a 400% or a 150% cash bonus for any of your redeposits.

Velvet Bingo:

Sporting a retro 1950’s vibe this brilliant site gives you a great list of mobile friendly games that cover a wide range of genres from slots to bingo and other unique casino games.

Their welcome package is also filled with the proverbial nectar of the gods as there’s so many great offers here. For example when you make your first deposit you’ll be given a 350% bonus, on your second you’ll get a 100% bonus and for your third top-up you’ll be rewarded with a 50% bonus on your cash.

Aunty Acid Bingo:

A humorous play on the ‘anti-acid’ tablets you can buy in any store this site has a great design that uses a cartoon ‘Aunty Acid’ who acts like the queen bee of this site to give it a fun and friendly feeling. There’s an impressive list of games that span a range of genres and they’ve got a £15 no deposit bonus.

But the rewards don’t stop there as they’ll also give you a 350%, 250% and 300% bonus across you first three deposits. There’s also tons of jackpots to win as well as chat games that are always a buzzing hive of activity as they’re filled with players.

Booty Bingo:

If you’re a fan of pirates then you’ll love this site, with a handsome swashbuckler standing off to one side this website is certainly exciting.

There’s some great offers up for grabs like their £15 no deposit bonus and welcome pack of a 350%, 250% and 300% bonuses spread out across your first three deposits. After getting so much treasure from your top-ups you’ll have to be on guard for any sticky fingered pirates, so why not spend it as quick as you can on any of their fun games.

If you’ve never played this slot game then why not load up one of these websites and give it a go!