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Improving your home does not have to be dramatic, even subtle changes can instantly change the look and feel of a room. Home improvement also does not have to break the bank, below you will find some DIY projects that you can implement in your home all by yourself. These projects are ideal for when the wallet strings are already tight. Why not try out our hacks and refresh the look and functionality of your home in a matter of minutes.

Kitchen hacks

If you are bored out of your brains looking at the same tiling in your kitchen (note this is doable for bathrooms too) then why not get some cool mosaic tiles and tile a kitchen backsplash. You’ll get rid of the old mundane tiles and guests will think you have had a kitchen overhaul.

If you find yourself loathing at the dull exterior of the doors on your cabinets then why not transform them into dramatic artwork. Slice a few old PVC pipes and stick them onto the door using clear silicone sealant, once the paint has dried, paint them the colour you want. These geometric shapes will make the doors stand out. You can even match the paint colour to your new tiles.

IKEA hacks

There are loads of websites dedicated to the dark art of IKEA furniture manipulation! Actually there is nothing dark about it, we all know how boring and depressive flat pack furniture can be, so why not pimp it up by adding your own lick of paint or hardware.

No one will ever know that the ultra chic sofa (with chrome legs and tufted seats) you have sitting in your living room, was once on an IKEA assembly line.

Bearing in mind, this technique can be used for any furniture (not just IKEA), whether it’s old worn down furniture, furniture salvaged from a car boot sale/ flea market; or any other second hand furniture place.  So why not spruce up your old furniture over the weekend and breathe new life into your old tired out furniture pieces.

Bathroom hacks

The bathroom is normally the place that most people complain about lack of space in. There is normally redundant space in many corners of the bathroom that can be used for storage. Why not use the space above the door to construct an extra shelf, this shelf will be out of the way but handy enough to store things like linen or towels. You can also use some old wooden crates, paint them with complementary colours and stack them by a redundant wall to store towels and accessories.

Living space hacks

Giving your fireplace a facelift can work wonders, changing the surround and gas burner can instantly change the feel of your room. If your current surround is slightly boring, why not build in some book storage using spare pieces of wood. This can be great for small rooms with minimal storage solutions.

There has recently been a boom in the up-cycling trend, where items such as wine crates and spare shipping pallets are repurposed as everyday objects. If you’re feeling creative, why not give one of these projects a go.

  • Wine crate storage project

Wine crates are beautiful pieces of wood; the vintage rustic look gives them a character, which can be ideal for any living space. If you have a couple of wine crates, you can make some storage shelves, which can be used for holding books and accessories.

Alternatively, you can create an art feature by placing the crates on an empty wall, in certain positions and then adding small accessories to add to the effect.

  • Shipping pallet coffee table

If you manage to salvage a shipping pallet and want to turn it into a coffee table, start by steam cleaning the pallet. This is tomake sure that there is nothing dangerous on the wood. Next, you need to sand the pallet down to get rid of wood splinters and any rough edges.

Once done the pallet is ready for paint or varnish, whichever one you choose.

Next, you will want some castors to go on the base of the table; you can go for either an industrial vintage look or a modern look. If you wish, you can add a piece of glass at the top of the table or leave it as is. This is a cheap easy way to bring some character to your living space.

As you can see from the above, there are a myriad of DIY projects that you can undertake to change the look and feel of any room.

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