Holiday Specials from 3 Top Bingo Destinations

We do love what happens to bingo sites at the holidays! Suddenly, you may see blinking lights and digital wreaths hung on header graphics and backgrounds. But what’s even better are the enhanced deposit specials and copious, charming prizes that pop up, too, tempting you to play throughout the Christmas mobile bingo 2013 season.

Let’s take a peek into some of our very favourite places to play with great year-end generosity. This special treatment for us not just in terms of new cash offers, but also in terms of their respective Christmas Spirit Factors. Time to deck the halls!

Bingo Hollywood

You have to dig a little to hit the facts about the Countdown to Christmas event and Bingo Hollywood’s holiday tournament. Otherwise, this site is not putting up much chintz this year. We respect that. We appreciate their two nice deals, nonetheless.

Countdown to Christmas: make sure you bingo at a quarter till on the Xmas tree pattern in the Red Carpet room to get entered in the draw for sweet prizes including SPs (credits) as well as Blue Ray players and other hot toys.

The Christmas Parade team event is giving away 2 million SPs every weekend in December. Play this in the Rea Carpet, One to Go Bingo and 50 Shades of Bingo rooms. [Full Review]

Lucky Touch Bingo

Lucky Touch, once again, is not garish in its holiday presentation. But there are three super promotions to check out. [Full Review]

  • Santa’s Sleigh Specials is a series of raffles and rewards throughout December. It’s sort of the on-going holiday gift from the house.
  • For something more concrete, how about an extra quid every day when you login! The Christmas Bonus Countdown does just that, as well as lining your pockets in style on the ‘Eve and big Day.
  • Play £10 on a holiday weekend to go into the running for a £100 gift-certificate at Love2Shop in the Christmas Club Prize Draw.

Tea Time Bingo

Once again, there’s no big to-do about holiday decorations on the homepage over at Tea Time, yet when you check the promotion page for good measure, what do you see? Tea Time has spared nothing in dreaming up its holiday offers (presented with a very clean and fun to read chart). [Full Review]

The celebration is called 31 Days of Christmas Specials, and here’s the run-down on it:

  • 90-Ball games: 10x per day you’ll have the chance to win up to £500, with £50 guaranteed.
  • 80-ball: play 5 hours of free games, and, you could win up to £5,000 for an extra warm holiday season.
  • 75-ball: you have two chances a day to win an Amazon gift voucher worth £50.
  • TGIF: a guaranteed £250 is up for grabs every Friday.

Christmas Spirit

Overall, from our sampling of three very popular bingo spots, we’re tending to think that 2013 is a year for great holiday specials and prizes, yet not necessarily a year for gaudy marketing. That means you should not assume specials are not there, if you don’t see a bunch of ads about it.

Another bingo place called Glossy, for example, has decked its halls with wreaths and niceties, and yet no holiday bonuses (nothing released yet, at the time of writing). We’re glad to bring you a few places that put their cheer where it counts in offering Christmas bingo for mobile — good cheer into your account balance!