Mobile Bingo Glossary

If you’ve ever been confused by mobile bingo terminology or any other bingo lingo then this glossary is just what you need. We’ll explain all of the most common terms here, so you can be a player in the know.

75-ball Game

This is a version of bingo that’s played on a 5 by 5 grid, in which the player must cover a pattern or the entire board to win. This can be known as pattern bingo or coverall bingo and is a staple on many bingo sites.

90-ball Game

Another common version of the game, this can also be known as UK bingo as it originated there. This game is played on a longer grid, with prizes for a Full House, 2 Lines completed or 1 Line completed. In selected games you may also win a prize if you’re close to placing, like 1 To Go or 2 To Go.

Alternative Payment Method

This covers a wide range of payment methods, basically any one that isn’t using a card. They’re usually more secure and help to protect your account by acting as an intermediary. PayPal and Paysafecard are both different versions of this type of payment method. [More info]

App Store

This is where you access new apps if you’re using an iOS device like an iPhone or an iPad. When you want to download an app, you just access this and then search for the app you want before downloading. [More info


This is the person in the bingo hall that calls the numbers, though this is usually automated online. There are some live caller online bingo games though, in these the caller will be beamed to your device to call in real time. [More info

Chat Game

These are games that are played in the chat box at the side of a bingo game, which you may be more accustomed to using for a gab with your roomies. They are run by chat managers and may challenge you to quizzes, games or crosswords. They will generally reward you with loyalty points or some bonus funds if you’re the fastest player. [More info]

Chat Manager

This is the person that watches over the chat box to ensure that roomies are being friendly to one another. They can add some conversation into the mix and welcome new roomies too, just make sure you’re being polite in a hosted room.

Deposit Limit

This is a minimum or maximum limit placed on how much you can deposit, which can usually be found in the terms and conditions. A common minimum deposit is £10, though some sites can be as low as £5. The maximum that you are allowed to deposit will vary based on your payment method. [More info]


This is a type of technology that’s used by designers to create the webpages that we see online. It’s the most up to date version and it’s an indication that the site can be used on mobile too, as it automatically scales down. This means that you’re not required to download an app to play.

Internet Browser

This is the software that you use to access the internet; like Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. A mobile internet browser is just the same but on your mobile device.

Internet Service Provider

The company that you get your internet from is known as your internet service provider, or ISP. This can come up if you’re having trouble accessing your account but there’s not a problem with the site. In this case, the support team would tell you to check the connection from your end with your ISP.

Network Game

These are games that are open to players from a number of different sites across a network. They could be progressive jackpot, VIP or jackpot bingo games with players from sites all over the group.

Newbie Room

These are rooms that are only open to new players, sometimes you can play in them without even depositing. You may get a set amount of days or a week to test out the bingo on the site and bag yourself some funds to use in the paid rooms.

No Deposit Necessary

You’ll often see this as an advertisement for a site, where you can play with no deposit. This could mean you get access into a newbie room, free spins, free tickets or a no deposit bonus to play with. [More info]

Phone Bill Deposit

This is a payment method by which you just add the amount that you want to deposit onto your phone bill. Services like Boku do this for you and all you need to do is authorise it.

Progressive Jackpot

When you play in one of these progressive jackpot games, you’ll see the jackpot rising with each ticket bought. That’s because a portion of each wager goes into the prize pool to make it more lucrative. [More info]

QR Code

This code might just look like a series of black squares to you but when you use a QR reader on your mobile device, it will be able to get information from it. In bingo, this is most commonly used to direct you to a mobile site or app when you scan the code.


This is a means by which you tell a site that you don’t want to play there and they shouldn’t let you log back in, deposit or even send you correspondence. Some problem gamblers use this to stop being tempted by a site.

Single Sign-On

Instead of asking you to remember two sets of details, a single sign-on system allows you to use the same ones on mobile and desktop. This means that you use the same logins for mobile play and desktop access.


This can be broadly defined as a set of instructions for your computer, whether it is downloaded or accessed online. Your browser, email client and even word processor are all examples of this.

Speed Bingo

A 30 ball game, speed bingo is one of the fastest ways to play. There are just 9 squares on the card, so you can get a full house in no time at all.


Sometimes called a card, a ticket is your entry into the game and comes with a series of random numbers. These are different depending on the variety and where you’re playing.

Wagering Requirements

This is a number that tells you how many times you must wager a bonus before it becomes real cash. You may be required to do this just once or up to 99 times, these terms can be found on your chosen bingo site. [More info]

Web Based App

This can be another term for a mobile site, as it’s a mobile app contained within your browser. This means that the app is based online and you don’t have to download to access it.

Wire Transfer

This is a means of transferring money directly from your bank account into your bingo account. Not all bingo sites accept this though and those that do may charge fees for doing so.


A URL is the address that you type into your browser to get to a bingo site, usually starting with www. Every site has an address online that’s unique and this is how you access their data.

Now that you have all of that information, you’re bound to be the savviest player around. Bookmark this page and you can come back to it any time you need a quick refresh or to look up a new term.