Gala Bingo Launches TV Channel

What’s better than being able to play bingo online and on your mobile? Being able to play it whilst accessing its own dedicated TV channel when you like of course!

That’s exactly what Gala Bingo are looking to offer their loyal players, with plans to launch their own television channel. The channel will be provided in partnership with online broadcasting service, meaning the channel will be available exclusively on the internet. The dedicated channel Gala TV will then be available to view via desktop or stream through a variety of different mobile and tablet devices.

Online broadcaster TVCatchup already attracts 4 million users a month, and offers streaming of a lot of the same television channels you’d find on Freeview TV. The online broadcasting channel’s dedicated app has already amassed more than 10 million downloads in the Google Play store alone, and has a mightily impressive 50 million streams available. Rather than simply being able to stream a channel on their website, this partnership allows Gala Bingo to reach a far wider audience.

Gala TV won’t be a 24 hour channel, and instead will only be broadcast between 7pm and midnight on a daily basis. There’s loads to be expected from the site, including some famous faces. This Morning’s Alison Hammond and Charlie King, fames for hit TV show The Only Way is Essex, are set to be the main faces of the channel, bringing us the best chat and features based around betting and bingo based topics. Other celebrity guests are also expected to present sections on occasion, keeping the channel entertaining, fresh and exciting.

A whole host of thrilling programmes and games are set to make up the programming schedule, with an expected daily rundown of promotions and games available, as well as interactive games that can be accessed via TV. You can also expect a ‘Daily Buzz’ of celebrity and entertainment news and goss, as well as a news programme discussing odds on upcoming events.

Interactive games will lead the way here, with players encouraged to get involved and play along whilst enjoying bingo games simultaneously. Such games could see players pitted against each other, competing for prizes.

The idea behind the channel, and the slogan than Gala Bingo are promoting is to ‘banter while you bingo’, and while chat rooms certainly offer that opportunity, Gala TV aims to be a far more interactive and involved service for players.

For instance, a recent online study found that 77% of people multitask by also using their computers whilst they watch TV, which means that the idea of TV and bingo probably already goes hand in hand for some people. Gala aims to unify these platforms even further, whilst providing a more encompassing community spirit within their gaming offering.

The concept of having an available TV station to complement bingo games seems to be the next logical step for bingo giants. Using a dedicated channel to promote any offers and bonuses, whilst allowing players the chance to get interactively involved to win things, compete against other players and find out daily gossip provides a far more interactive and three dimensional community for players. It provides a far more personal and involved service than faceless chat rooms or promotions that are simply written and hidden in the corner of a website.

Gala TV could prove to be a market leader in providing a better and more rewarding player-focused bingo site, which is much needed in a saturated market of bingo sites. The only thing that remains to be seen is the reception the channel will receive from players.