Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Bingo Promotions

Every bingo player is different but what we can all agree on is that we want to be playing in the best games for the biggest jackpots. There are different strategies that you can use to help find the best games and one of these strategies is to seek out the best bingo promotions. This can be done in a number of ways so to give you a helping hand we’ve gathered together some of our best tips to help you find the best bingo promotions on the web.

Where to Find the Best Promos?

Almost every bingo and slots site will offer at least a couple of promotional offers but finding the best sites can be tricky. To help you out, we’ve described some key sites below which we feel offer great value in terms of their promotions. (T&Cs apply for all offers).

  • Lucky Cow Bingo – This site has an excellent community vibe and you can win up to 500 free spins every time you deposit as well as compete in jackpot games every day.
  • WTG Bingo – This site is not to be underestimated as there is plenty to do and new players can spin the Mega Wheel for the chance to win 500 free spins or even some Amazon gift vouchers.
  • Big Tease Bingo – Arguably our favourite site in this list with more bingo and slots promotions than most other sites on the web. Big Tease Bingo welcomes you with 25 free spins and 500% in matched funds.
  • mFortune – A mobile casino site for the smartphone and tablet players out there with some excellent pocket-sized promos and a £5 free-play bonus and 100% cash match on your first deposit.

All or Nothing Game Promos

You can find All or Nothing jackpot games across a variety of sites and this commonly takes the form of a regular jackpot game which can be played on Saturdays at around 8pm. There is a guaranteed jackpot of £50 offered in this game and players can generally buy multiple cards for these games. We’ve seen cards for All or Nothing games cost as little as 5p so you really can play for a nice jackpot without having to break the bank.

Bingo Codes

Bingo promotions can often take the form of bingo codes and these can also be known as bonus codes or promo codes. These are essentially codes or words that you enter into the deposit lobby to receive some sort of bonus. This is usually offered as a matched deposit so if you were to enter a bonus code that offered 100% in matched funds and you deposited £10 then you would receive another £10 in bonus cash giving you £20 in total to play with.

Chat Game Promos

The bingo chatroom is usually a busy place and chat games tend to be more light-hearted than your average bingo promotion. Chat games are a way for chart hosts to encourage dialogue and engagement within the chatroom. Keep your eye out for chat games, they are often super fun to play and will get you interacting with other players by playing games such as word association.

Jackpot Game Promos

You could argue that good old bingo jackpots are the best games to play in as these offer the best chances for walking away with a profit. These are the games that most bingo sites will offer in their promotional offer sections so be sure to look out for the ones that offer the biggest cash prizes. Remember that some jackpot games will offer the prizes in bonus cash so bear this in mind and remember to read the T&Cs as every jackpot game is different!

Leaderboard Challenges

Leaderboard challenges are not suitable for every type of bingo or slots player. You could argue that these sorts of promotions are aimed at the professional players out there as they generally require a substantial financial outlay for you to be successful at them.

Generally, the players that have staked or wagered the most cash on specific games will rise to the top of the leaderboard and win the top prizes. These won’t be for everyone so be sure to read the T&Cs carefully so that you understand how much you have to spend to have a chance of winning.

Linked Network Promos

Ever encountered a bingo or slots promotion that offers you a chance to win a colossal prize such as a car or holiday? There is every chance that this type of promotion is part of a wider network and this basically means that you will be competing against other players from other bingo sites that are part of a wider network. With so many players likely entering the competition, this will allow the bingo network to provide some prizes which are truly out of this world.

Prize Draws & Raffles

These are offered from time to time on bingo sites and they are exactly as described in a lot of cases. You can buy a ticket or play in a specific game to be entered into the hat for a chance to win a prize.

Generally, the bingo site will then select a winner(s) at random and those players will then be contacted to claim their reward. Prize draws and raffles come in all shapes and sizes and the prizes can range from modest to extravagant.

Roomie of the Week/Month

This is a selected member of a bingo or slots site who has been singled out for recognition for their contribution to the site over the last week or month. To become roomie of the week/month you generally have to remain pretty active on the site and you might receive a prize for your efforts as well as your name displayed on the homepage of your chosen bingo site.

Slot Promos

Slot promos are another way to win big for those players that are perhaps seeking something a little different to bingo. Slot promos can take lots of different forms and guises. Some promos offer you the chance to wager anything from £5-25 on a slot game and this will allow you to enter a prize draw to win a prize. Most bingo and slots sites will offer some sort of slots promotion and some sites will offer a “Slot of the Week” style offer with additional bonuses for playing a specific game.

Social Media Promos

Now more than ever bingo and slot networks are active on social media and they want you to like their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts as soon as you join a site. As a result, social media promos are often offered and you can generally claim small bonuses or be entered into a specific competition for simply clicking that coveted like button.


Finally, we have tournaments and these can involve both bingo and slot games and bingo tournaments can take place over a period of weeks, months or even quarters. You can find the biggest tournaments on the biggest sites and these will offer some fantastic prizes. Tournaments can be offered for both individual players and teams so yet again, it is important that you read the T&Cs carefully so that you understand what have to do.

Which Type of Promo Player are You?

As you can see, there really are hundreds of different promotional offers to consider and you can use the information in this guide to help you find the offers that are right for you. We hope you found it informative and if you have any other questions on bingo promos or anything else then feel free to message us where we would be happy to help.