EntroPay Bingo Deposits

With the increasing proportion of e-payments being made every day, and a heightened risk of fraud, there have been a number of new secure payment methods introduced.  One of these is EntroPay, a prepaid virtual visa card which takes a lot of the risk out of online payments.  EntroPay works similarly to e-voucher deposits, in that people pre pay a virtual amount which can then be used to make purchases.

Various bingo sites now support this payment method as it provides a convenient solution for many players – here are some of the best ones:

Big Tease Bingo

Deposit £10 @ Big Tease and play with £60!

Visit website for full T&C's.

Advantages of EntroPay

By using this payment method, players can enjoy an additional level of security over older methods such as debit card transfer.  Whatever you decide to deposit onto the virtual card is the maximum you can possible lose.  So simply minimise the amount you are depositing at any one time and your liability will be significantly reduced.  Whereas when using a real Visa card, the site is connecting directly to your bank, EntroPay provides a sort of buffer, minimising risk.  Additionally, EntroPay have used all of the latest security protocols to ensure your personal details are safe.

Players can also benefit from the fact that EntroPay is supported by near enough all sites.  As long as a site supports Visa debit payments, which all sites do, players will be able to deposit using funds on a prepaid credit card.  All you have to do is visit the EntroPay site, transfer some cash onto your virtual account and off you go!  Players can also put their funds onto a Plastic MasterCard, which can also be used to put funds in your bingo account.

Another advantage of EntroPay is that it is a globally available system.  It can be easily accessed using seven different languages and your virtual funds can easily be converted into any local currency.

Disadvantage of EntroPay

The only disadvantage to transferring money using EntroPay is that they charge a fee for putting money onto your virtual debit card.  Although some other online payment systems also charge you, many do not charge you at all.  Players are charged a large 4.95% to send money to their account, as well as £3 every time they transfer funds back to their bank account.

Overall, this method provides a high level of convenience, but this comes at a price.

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