Emerald Smash Slot

Smashing emeralds sounds like fun. However, emeralds are quite hardy things, aren’t they? Would it be possible to start smashing any in this slot game, and would it lead to a good outcome if you did?

Where can you play the Emerald Smash slot?


Featured slots arrive on the home page at WTG Bingo. Yes, you do have bingo games to check out, but it is reassuring to know plenty of other games are here to try as well.

Tea Time

Grab a cuppa and settle in for some Tea Time Bingo. The site also carries lots of featured slots, so if you decide to try Emerald Smash, you can sign up and spin the Mega Wheel before you play.

Lucky Admiral

A pirate theme is present at Lucky Admiral. Aside from the bingo thrills, there are plenty of slots to start playing if you sign up as a new shipmate.

Who created the slot?

You could say Emerald Smash is an inspired game to play… or more properly, it is a game from Inspired Gaming. It is far from the first one they have released either. Will any of these try and ring a bell with you?

  • 2 Fat Cats: The Lost Ark
  • Centurion
  • Goddess of the Amazon
  • Treasure Island

Essential things to know about the game

Emerald Smash features lots of fruit designed to look like gems. Thus, it combines two popular themes in one. Here are some more details about it:

  • Five reels
  • 30 paylines
  • Cheapest spin bet is 30p
  • Highest spin bet is £90

The paylines are all fixed in this game, therefore you cannot deselect any of them. The cheapest bet means you will wager a penny per line.

Is it possible to adopt a strategy for Emerald Smash?

Since we have 30 fixed lines in action here, we can only choose how much we would like to play on each spin. The two extremes are far apart, so it makes sense for you to choose an amount that will extend your budget for as long as possible.

What about special features or symbols?

There is just one special feature to look forward to in the Emerald Smash slot game. You cannot say it doesn’t live up to its title, as you are about to discover…

Emerald Smash

  • All emeralds appearing in a spin will smash
  • They then vanish to reveal the same symbol in each place
  • This could mean you scoop prizes when you had not previously been able to
  • It might also mean you secure further prizes
  • For example, two emeralds will smash and reveal identical symbols in their place
  • The same would occur if more emeralds appeared in the same spin

It is a shame we do not get the chance to get any free games or to go through to a bonus. However, the Emerald Smash feature will happen whenever those emeralds appear. While they do not have prizes attached to them, the symbols they reveal may well do…

What is the design like?

You can play the Emerald Smash slot mobile version if you wish, since it is responsive to all sizes of screen. The background is almost non-existent in this game, and that proves to be useful when playing on a smartphone, for instance. It means you can view larger symbols and keep up with what is going on.

Emerald Smash isn’t going to smash any records, but we feel it will appeal to a group of players who prefer their slots to be simpler to play. It does encourage you to keep track of those emeralds!