Educational Bingo Apps

Despite the fact the game is associated with an older generation socialising in town halls (or a more recent association of people playing for money on mobile bingo sites), bingo actually has massive educational benefits for the younger generation. It’s a great tool to help kids understand numbers, improve concentration levels and co-ordination between listening and taking action.

As well as being useful with numbers, children’s bingo games can also revolve around words, educational themes and more. There are plenty of different educational bingo games that kids can play, and thanks to the advances in technology, there are now a range of such games available as apps to be played on either mobile or tablet devices.

Here are just three of our favourite educational apps and how they benefit children:

Zonk Bingo

This educational bingo app is specifically designed for the classroom, with the understanding that all students, plus the teacher, have an iPad. The free app requires students enter the ID given to them by the teacher before the game begins, in order to differentiate players. The game is based on vocabulary rather than numbers, and rather than just crossing off a word as it’s called, players must recognise a word by definition. The teacher dictates the definition of a word, and then players must look at their bingo board and decide whether the definition relates to a word they have on their board. The winner is the player who correctly matches up a line of words. This is a great game for improving basic English skills and expanding the vocabulary of students of primary age.

Word Bingo

Word Bingo is again a lingual themed game focusing on English, though rather than a classroom setting children can easily play this game on their own/family tablet device. This educational app is centred more towards word recognition and spelling, rather than definitions and vocabulary, so is more suitable for younger children of around 5-9. There’s a great deal of engagement and creativity too, allowing kids to create their own avatar for the app, and lots of learning potential with over 300 words stored. The app only costs 99p meaning it’s great value for money, improving word recognition and reading abilities.

Math Bingo

Another 99p app, this small price to pay has priceless benefits for kids. Players can again create their own avatar in this app, encouraging creativity to begin. This quirky version of bingo asks players to solve math problems in order to check off a whole line of bingo. Problems are shown at the top of the screen, the way bingo balls usually would be. In this instance players have to solve the problem and then cross off the number on their board which corresponds to the correct answer. Just like in regular 75 ball bingo, the winner is the player who manages to correctly daub off a whole line of numbers. This app can be great in a personal or classroom setting as it rapidly improves mental maths.

Of course these are just some of the great educational apps available for children to play on their tablets, offering either an alternate classroom lesson or complementary and beneficial fun learning tool for children as part of their play time.