Decorating Your Home is Easy and Affordable

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Daytime TV is enough to teach you that home improvement is achievable, albeit with an army of helpers and the ability to use large budgets. But don’t let those factors get you down, as there is so much that you can do to your home without spending large sums or even being a design expert. All you have to do is read our helpful tips.

Pick Up the Paint Pots


Home decorating does not require you to be a virtuoso decorator. Nowhere does it say that you can only use wallpaper and sticky paste. For most amateurs, this will only result in torn wallpaper stuck to your body and the floor. Paint is much simpler, quicker, and affordable to use. You can transform the average room in the space of an hour with just a couple of tins of paint.

Painting is also more effective because you can head to your local DIY shop to pick up samples of potential colours. Then, just dab them on your walls to see which you like the most. In contrast, finding the right wallpaper is much more difficult. Should you choose the wrong paint, you can simply pick a new colour without breaking the bank. Wallpaper, on the other hand, will have to be replaced at significant cost.

Before you begin, make sure that you have the basic equipment. Items will include rollers, brushes, paint trays, rags, white spirit, sheets for covering your floor, masking tape, and a ladder. All of those items are relatively affordable, but you should ask to borrow a stepladder from family or friends rather than paying for one yourself. This will help you to save money for various accessories to fill out the room.

Create a Feature Wall


Find a contrasting but complimentary colour to your core paint and use it to create a feature wall. Basically, what this entails is that you paint a single wall to stand out in your room from all of the others. This is a cheap and effective way of being creative. Once you have painted the feature wall, you can decorate it with various items – not just pictures, although these will also look great.

Hang Plates


Hopefully you are the type of person that doesn’t rush to throw out your older items. And we say this because old plates can look fantastic when hung up on your wall. Provided you have enough different styles, these can combine to create a chic style. A brief piece of advice, though, is to select colours that blend with the current style of your room.

However, if you do happen to be the type of person that immediately shifts clutter, then you can instead visit a charity shop or antique shop to pick up some quirky plates. Also, make sure to check out eBay for potential options. Lots of people try to shift their clutter on the web. Plenty of gems are waiting to be found!

Painting Furniture


Gather together your old wooden furniture and paint them in a colour to compliment your room. Even though you might be tempted to dispose of old furniture, you should hold back. You will be amazed at how easy it is to breathe new life into dated items. Look out for opportunities to snap up older furniture from friends and family or even by visiting auctions. A couple of well-placed side tables could really fill out your room.

Stylish Photography


Gather together your favourite photographs of family and friends and you can print them off with photography paper. You can then add these to small but stylish frames and position them in groups of four or six. This will create an eye-catching effect that will draw the attention of people who visit your home. Search online for frames and you can save greatly on both time and money. Some of the more tech-savvy among you will be able to edit the photos with a stylish black and white effect.

Ditch the Carpet


This final tip is for the moment when you realise you have a passion for decorating. For those of you with traditional homes, you can ditch your carpet and hire a sanding machine to uncover a stylish wooden floor. Varnish will also be required, so it’s by no means a quick task. That being said, this approach is affordable and will really open up the room. Happy decorating to all of you!

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