Competitive Bingo

The same old bingo games can get a bit tired after a while and many players find themselves seeking something new. That’s when they turn to competitive bingo to play the game with a new twist on the classic. We’re here to tell you all about how to play competitively and how to win!

Best Sites Get Competitive

The following bingo sites all have games that you can play with a competitive element:

Butler’s Bingo

– You can play in a wide range of tourneys and games here, with new promotions appearing regularly. [Read full review]

Glossy Bingo

– Get glossy with this bingo site and join in with the fantastic bingo games that they have here. You’ll find plenty of ways to get competitive! [Read full review]

Wink Bingo

– Play with this site if you want to indulge in chat games, leaderboards and more. Use our promo code for a 500% first deposit bonus. [Read full review]

Celeb Bingo

– Strut down the red carpet and play your way to victory with this site’s welcome offer, enjoy 350% split over bingo and games. [Read full review]

Just have a look at the T&Cs of each of these sites to decide if you want to play there.

Types of Competitive Bingo Games

There isn’t just one type of bingo game that you can play this way, there are a few different ones. Here are the details of the ones that we love to play in:


Bingo tournaments are pretty common, as many sites see this as the easiest way to get their players enjoying games again. Players can be challenged to play more than others, win more or even lose most for a commiseration prize. These games are often cheap or free to play in, as not every user can afford to spend a lot playing the highest amount of games.

Team Events

When you play in team bingo games you’ll usually be randomly sorted into a team. There are generally around four of these and each time you win, you’ll score points for your team. The more you play, the larger your share of the prize will be as some sites don’t reward players that don’t take part as much. Plus, you’ll want to lead your team to victory too.

Leaderboard Games

Leaderboard games are also fairly ubiquitous bingo competitions and exist on quite a few sites. With these, wins and games are usually counted as points and then players can view their position on a leaderboard. These regularly update and act as a way to incentivise users to get to the top and win the prize.

What are the Typical Prizes?

The exact prize that you will be able to get from these sites will depend on the promotion. Some common ones include:

  • Bonus funds
  • Loyalty points
  • Tangible prizes like gadgets, holidays or gift sets
  • Cash

If you hunt around for the best prizes then you may have a better time playing in these tournaments.

How To Win Every Time

If you’ve been playing in these games but not having much luck then we can help, here are our best tips:

  • Purchase as many tickets as possible
  • Pre-buy if you think they might sell out
  • Play when no one else is, weekdays and mornings are usually quieter
  • Watch those wagering requirements, you don’t want a cash prize you can’t withdraw after all
  • Pay attention to the T&Cs, as these will tell you when to play, how to win and what counts in your favour
  • Playing with a reputable site will mean that you’re more likely to win, as they tend to be fairer
  • Get off to a strong start, as climbing the leaderboard can be harder if you wait around

As long as you’re having fun playing then you’ll be on your way to a win before you know it! These competitions should be enjoyable, so make sure you don’t get too competitive or become a sore loser, as no one likes those roomies!