Bwin.Party Renews Contract with Dragonfish

It seems the B2B section of online game provider 888 Holdings has accepted a four-year extension to its contract agreement with Cashcade.

888 Holdings B2B division, better known as Dragonfish, have entered into this agreement with Digital Entertainment’s subsidiary company Cashcade to ensure that Foxy Bingo and Cheeky Bingo will continue to run on the Dragonfish network.

The network is of course famous for a variety of iconic and fun games, games like Fluffy Favourites for example, a cute and incredibly fun slot game.

This move comes as a surprise after were heard to say they were considering ties altogether with their current partners in a contract that was going to expire in May.

Yaniv Schwartz, the head of Dragonfish has said that the company executives are delighted with this move as it means their customers can continue to use the Dragonfish bingo network to enjoy their games and allow the company to implement new growth.

He also stated that this would allow the company to increase its mobile footing to wider its target market range.

Their plan is to introduce more games to the network, with a shift in development of what they’re calling: “Volume to value”, meaning that in future the network will begin churning out games of a higher quality.

For fans of mobile gaming this means that there will be better games to play on your mobile device whilst you’re out and about.

According to Schwartz, this will also lead to the company focusing on developing its sports and poker area with their own in-house teams to create a wider selection of games on their current platforms.

Overall this development is absolutely great news as not only are customers benefiting from this increase in game development and a retention of familiarity with a platform and provider they’re used to, both companies will also benefit from this continued merger.

Dragonfish will continue enjoy having the popular Foxy Bingo and Cheek Bingo brands on their network and a share of the revenue and popularity they will undoubtedly pull in.

Whilst Digital Entertainment will benefit from having their brand on a widely recognised and popular network, also DigitalEntertainment could potentially benefit financially from this merger.

Because currently the share prices of Digital Entertainment aretrading at 128.00 pence per individual share, whilst 888 Holdings are at 146.90, so 888 Holdings are still ahead in their stock popularity.

So the decision to stay with them with this continued merger and planned development could lead to an increase in share prices for Digital Entertainment.

Overall it’s relatively easy to see why Digital Entertainment decided to stay with the Dragonfish network.

Dragonfish has been working hand-in-hand with Cashcade for several years before the company was bought over by Party Gaming way back in 2009, so its security in a company  they’re familiar with and they also have the chance to grow as a business and a game provider.

Although could the Dragonfish Bingo brand have benefited from a different supplier?

The answer is not really, Dragonfish may have a higher stock rating and a bigger profile, but they don’t have the same amount of games and recognisable Bingo brands as Digital Entertainment do.

Foxy Bingo for example is an almost iconic Bingo website; everyone at some point has read or watched an advert involving it, so it only seems logical to exploit this for financial gain.If Dragonfish were to go with anyone else, arguably they wouldn’t have as much success as they would with Digital Entertainment.

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