Brasingo App

Developed by Caleta Gaming the Brasingo Bingo app is absolutely brilliant. It’s a terrific and tropical game that hooks you in from the moment you load it up. It features beautiful decorations and nods to various countries that the games characters then travel across like the famous Maracana football stadium for example.

There’s also a ton of different game modes and some unique features like power-ups that can often give you an extra edge in the game.


The Brasingo Bingo app is actually incredibly easy to get to grips with. The goal of the game is journey around the world with Vitoria and her dog Brasingo.

Each country they visit contains a range of games including bingo, bonus games, bingo crusher and slots. You have to beat each one of them to progress to the next country and you’ll normally have 16 games in each area to beat.

To beat the bingo games you have to fill up Brasingo’s dog bone by winning smaller bones for landing different bingo patterns. The slot games act like ordinary slots as you’ll have to spin a set of reels only instead of cash you’ll receive in-game credits and collectibles that you’ll need to get to unlock the next area and earn special power-ups.

Extra Features

One of the best features about this game is not only can you play mobile bingo and slots for as long as you want for free, you can also use special power-ups to alter your game. The power-ups you can use vary from having the game pre-daub areas of the board for you, adding extra time in Bingo Crusher, removing the ball from Bingo Crusher or turning other balls red.

There’s also in-app transactions available so you can buy more coins, unlock power-ups sooner as well as pay to unlock collectibles if you’re having trouble getting a certain one to trigger in the games.

Another great feature of this app is that you can invite your friends in to show off how many achievements you’ve earned, what collectibles you have and how many countries you’ve visited with Vitoria and Brasingo. You and your friends can also compete on a special leaderboard with each other and you can also send coins or free play tokens if you want to help each other out. One final feature is that you can earn free coins every 4 hours as well as 1,000 when you first start off with the app so you’ll rarely have to pay for any extra coins.


To sum up the Brasingo Bingo app is an incredibly fun Facebook app to play on, it’s bright and colourful and there’s enough variety in the gameplay to keep you playing with it for quite a while. If you’re looking for a fun mobile app to play then you should definitely check out Brasingo Bingo.

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