Bingo Trip to Launch on Mobile

It seems mobile bingo fans are set to get another title to play around with on this popular portable gaming platform.

The game in question is Bingo Trip and thanks to Imperus Technologies Corp, a company that specialise in social network, real money and mobile gaming this fun title is set to appear on mobile devices later in the year.

What Is Bingo Trip?

For those who aren’t familiar with Bingo Trip, it initially started out as an app that was available solely through Facebook. It’s free to download and completely free to play as you spent in-game credits to unlock power ups to alter gameplay and buy cards for various games. They also give you an option to spend real cash to unlock rooms, more power ups to use as well as a large of bingo cards.

The design of the game is one of its best features as it has this brilliant cartoon style as you take part in bingo games across a series of cartoonish continents. So you could daub away on cards in places like Egypt, France, Japan, America and the Arctic to name just a few places.

In terms of actual gameplay you will find that there are 108 different games to play in and you can play each one multiple times, so you can get a lot out of this app. Every bingo game is based around the 75 ball style of bingo, so it shouldn’t take you too long to blast through quite a lot of bingo games in a short space of time.

When you load up a room you will be given the option of purchasing your cards with in-game credits or by using real cash. You’re allowed a maximum of four cards in play in each game, so you will have a relatively large chance at winning in each game.  Plus, since it’s a single player game you don’t have to worry about anyone else scooping up each games prize, so you can relax and take your time in each bingo game.

You can also use power ups to give yourself doubled payouts, additional daubers, number spotters or even boost your current powers to give them more strength.

A great feature of this game is that you can also earn collectibles based on the various continents you’re playing in. So you can show off your collection to your friends if you feel like boasting about how good your bingo skills are.

How Will This Translate to Mobile Devices?

Since this bingo app isn’t being released until later in the year we can only make a few assumptions on how this title will be ported over to mobiles.

To start off, it will probably feature the same style as the Facebook app as it’s a relatively simple and cartoonish design so you won’t need the latest smartphone to run it. It will probably feature a slightly simpler layout to its games to compensate for the touchscreen controls and smaller mobile screens.

It may even feature the ability to post about your scores on Facebook through your mobile, so you can share your latest wins and achievements with your friends.

One thing we do know about the Bingo Trip game is that it will be available on both iOS and Android phones. So regardless of the type of device you have you will still be able to pick up this game and get your bingo fix for free.

Even though it’s not launching until the second quarter of this year, this brilliant games mobile port is one that we’re all eagerly anticipating!

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