Bingo Sites with Branded Slots

Games that are based on other franchises like movies or celebs are known as branded games. These are usually created with licensing from the company in question and represent an official game about the franchise. We love playing these games, we’re here to tell you about them so you can fall head over heels with them too.

Best Sites to Play Branded Slots

If you’re ready to have a go on these types of games, then check out these sites:

Wink Bingo: Feel super with the Superman slot game here, they’ll even give you an added 500% to play with.

Glossy Bingo: This site has the smash hit Game of Thrones slot, we’d suggest you get over to Westeros to experience this jackpot game.

Butlers Bingo: Lara Croft has always been one of our favourite characters, play the Tomb Raider slot here for all the action you need.

Bingo Hollywood: If you loved the Ghostbusters original movie then you’ll be happy to know you can win on the Ghostbusters slot here.

Just double check all the T&Cs from your chosen site before you get started!

What Are Branded Slots And Why Are They So Popular?

Branded slots feature an element of an officially licenced franchise, like Batman, Jimi Hendrix or Toki Doki. As you can see, they can really focus on just about any theme and contain graphics about people, places or even designs. They usually require a significant investment for the licence, so many feel that developers put more effort into making these games great.

Players love to see characters or people that they recognise in games, as it appeals to more than just the gambling fan within them. You might even be able to listen to music from the franchise or watch clips to enhance the immersion. You also don’t have to be a fan of the subject matter to enjoy them, as they’re usually quite easy to get to grips with.

They don’t always follow the same set formula, as the features of the source material usually influence the features of the game. This could include aesthetic elements, like the ways the symbols look, but it could also mean you’re playing with different types of free spins or wilds.

Sounds Familiar…

Not all themed slots require a licence, as some are in the public domain. This would cover folk heroes like Robin Hood or Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, as they’re not really owned by anyone. This is attractive to a developer as they can still tap into the recognition of the character without paying a hefty fee.

This is totally different to the way that licenced slots work, as the developer has to pay a fee for their involvement in the franchise. They’re also held to different clauses as to what they can and cannot do within the game. Universal Studios and NetEnt are good examples of this partnership, as they’ve worked together on games like Frankenstein and The Invisible Man.

You may also come across slots that ‘knock off’ original characters, like Agent Jane Blonde, which is really a parody of 007. Another example of this would be the Codfather, a fish themed parody of the popular Godfather movie. These seem like familiar characters but they often have a few changes in there to stop any overly litigious representatives.

Our Favourite Branded Games

The following games are our go to options when we play on branded slots:

Tomb Raider: Based on the original game, this incarnation of the original characters is packed full of features. You can explore the free spins round and get your hands on some serious cash with this game.

Ghostbusters: With the cast of the movie providing their voices to this game, it was bound to be a winner. All of the bonuses in this game are themed around the final scenes of the movie, including the Stay Puff’d bonus.

Superman: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the Superman slot game! This slot is one of the best superhero ones on the market and features some killer free spins.

Game of Thrones: This game will challenge you to choose a house and fly their banner in this slot. It’s a must play for fans of the books or television show, with your choice of house affecting your bonuses.

If you enjoy these types of games then there are hundreds of different ones available for you to play. Some are better than others as the best ones truly get into the spirit of the brand.


These branded games can offer you a lot of fun and switch up what you can expect from a slot. We love games with added features and if you do too, try out some of our faves to experience the action.