Bingo Sites where you’re Likely to Win

Bingo is an enjoyable game. It’s fun to play and provides a great experience both online and in licensed premises. But, let’s be honest; we all like to win. Most players who come to a bingo site will not only be driven by what promotions are on offer but also what the odds are on winning. To keep you clued up on how to maximise your winning streak we’ve compiled a list of the bingo sites at which you are most likely to win.

Lucky Cow Bingo

Lucky Cow Bingo gives you up to 500 FREE spins every time you make a deposit! Visit website for full T&C's.

Cheers Bingo

Deposit just £10 & spin the wheel to win up to 500 free spins! Visit website for full T&C's.

Most Likely to Win Slots

Many savvy online gamers will be aware of a handy little statistic called Return to Player. This is a percentage which is generally shorted so simply RTP. By knowing the RTP for a game, you are able to ascertain the amount that the slot pays out for every £100 wagered. The higher the RTP, the more likely you are to receive a winning pay out. The sites below are filled with slots which have high RTP rates. These are the bingo sites that pay out.

WTG Bingo

WTG Bingo welcomes you with a spin of the Mega Wheel, worth up to 500 free spins! Visit website for full T&C's.

Big Tease Bingo

Big Tease Bingo Welcomes you with 25 Free Spins as well as a massive 500% on 1st deposit bonus! Visit website for full T&C's.

How to Increase your Odds

There are several strategies that players commonly employ in order to try and boost their chances of winning. Unfortunately, many of these methods are of absolutely no consequence and will never increase odds. One of the only real ways to boost your odds is to do your research. Do your homework on the bingo sites with best odds and the best games to play and you are more likely to land a winning pay out. By checking out sites where members are frequently winning and are gifted more free credit, you are less likely to stake as much of your own cash in van. Having a good idea about the average return to player on any given slot is also a great way for slot players to gauge whether they are likely to be successful. The more money a slot pays out per £100, the more the player is likely to gain a return. Playing on a high RTP slot on a successful site is the best way to go. If you are a bingo enthusiast then check out the sites above. Here is where you are more likely to come out on top.

It wouldn’t be fair not to mention some of the less successful strategies. It is a common myth that buying more tickets to a game will vastly increase your chances. Buying more tickets will increase the amount you win but it will not increase the probability of a win taking place. Others swear by selected special numbers. This is another method which is unlikely to yield a return. Numbers may be special to you for sentimental reasons or you may have heard/seen that certain numbers tend to appear more. The reality is, no number is more likely to come up than another. Using either of these strategies is only likely to leak money. They have no statistical basis.

Your best bet is always to do research on the best online bingo sites for winning. Be smart and see which sites offer you the best deal for your money. Check RTP stats. These are the strategies which will bring you closer to that elusive pay out.

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