Bingo Sites Lead the Way with Cutting Edge Tech

Many people believe that bingo is outdated or just for the old folks out there but bingo sites are dispelling that myth. They’re leading the pack with the implementation and use of new technology, with other industries taking note. Here are some of the top new technologies that you can see in action today.

Mobile Technology

With the birth of the smartphone and increased use of tablets has come a massive opportunity for bingo sites. They can reach more users than ever without making huge changes to their offerings. Both mobile apps and sites are flourishing and the industry isn’t showing any sign of slowing down.

Using a touchscreen to play bingo can make the whole lot much more fun. It can be more convenient for many players and even help to immerse you in the game further. There’s something a bit more satisfying about dabbing those tickets with a touchscreen.

The future of mobile bingo technology might just involve a push into the wearable market. iWatches and Android Gear devices are picking up more speed within the general population so it may not be long before we see games developed for them. This would take the convenience aspect of playing on mobile that step further.

Augmented Reality Bingo

When we look back at the top mobile games out there, Pokémon GO is one of the most notable. This game used augmented reality to gain steam and offer a totally new gaming environment based on real life. This isn’t implemented within bingo as of yet but it seems to be closer than ever.

Gear like the Hololens by Microsoft seems set to add so much into our regular bingo time. This tech takes the world around the player and adds holograms into it via images on a pair of glasses. Just imagine having an entire bingo hall and caller at your fingertips.

Similarly, virtual reality bingo isn’t a million years away either as the hardware is becoming more affordable and prevalent. Developers are toying with headsets like the Oculus Rift and bingo developers won’t be left out.

With the introduction of HD devices, there are more of these high quality games on our tablets, smartphones and computers. Even 3D games are starting to creep into these game libraries which is interesting to say the least. These could hint at an equally speedy uptake of augmented or virtual reality tech.

Omni Channel Gaming

You may be wondering what omni channel gaming means but it’s actually a lot simpler than it sounds. Basically, this is a type of tech that you can use across a range of devices for a similar experience. Using your phone, tablet and desktop computer to access the same site is an example of this.

For bingo, casino and slots players, this means you have a wider range of sites at your fingertips whenever you want to use them. This helps you to not be limited by downloading apps or forced to wait until you’re at a desktop to play with your favourite sites. This type of tech is all about making things easier for the player as they don’t even need to consider how they access a site.

It can also create a hybrid experience in bingo halls, like what players have been experiencing at Mecca Bingo halls. Their Mecca MAX software can be used in a club or at home, to enhance either experience.

Developers are increasingly attracted to this buzzword, as their players are interested in how they can make things simpler. Playtech’s ONE software is an example of this, as their sites are accessible via a wide range of devices.

Virtue Fusion sites also use this type of tech with their HTML5 offering being able to be accessed from tablets and smartphones. This detects the type of device that the player is using and tailors the site to match, which is pretty clever.

It’s obvious that bingo developers and operators are much more switched on with regard to the tech that they use. As more of these come onto the scene, we could see the industry and how we play change significantly. One thing is for sure, bingo players will be at the forefront of these tech trends.