Bingo Lucky Charms

Bingo players can be on the superstitious side and each player will have their own beliefs. Some people like to keep their lucky charms near them when they play, we’ll be telling you all about the most common superstitions in this article.

Best Sites to Test Your Luck

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Amazing Bingo – This fantasy themed bingo site has lots of magic and excitement in every room and game.

If you want to play on one of these excellent sites then you can read their full T&Cs before you do.

Common Bingo Charms

There are loads of common bingo good luck charms that many players believe in. Some of the most common ones are:

    • Lucky Socks – Wearing your lucky socks or pants is something that many players swear by. Almost 75% of people believe that wearing or carrying something can influence their luck.
    • Troll Dolls – These ugly tchotchkes became really popular in the 90s and many bingo players still swear by them today. In halls or online, players hold onto them and keep them displayed on their tables.
    • Beanie Babies – Back a few decades ago, we were convinced that these toys would make us some real cash. Some players are still convinced and keep these animals around their bingo area.
    • Jewellery – Wearing a certain necklace or ring is enough to bring some players luck, especially if they have lucky stones in there too.
    • Mantras – Saying a mantra might make a player seem a bit nuts but players may genuinely believe this will bring them luck. We say ‘white rabbits’ to get luck on the first day of the month so it’s not really that strange.
    • Lucky Numbers – This is a trickier one to implement online, as you’re not always able to pick your own numbers on the card. Some bingo players just take this as a sign that if their lucky bingo numbers are in with the random lot then it’s going to be a good game. Others still by their lucky number of cards, seven is always a popular number.
  • Four Leafed Clovers – This is a pretty standard good luck charm, no matter what it’s being used for.

What does your bingo area look like? If it’s covered in these types of charms then you might just have a bit of extra luck on your side.

Do They Work?

Some of these bingo superstitions are rooted in real life, like lucky numbers for example. Scholars have suggested that numbers that fall within a certain range are more likely to come up in a bingo game. This could mean that when you see them you’re more likely to win, though we can’t vouch for the troll dolls!

Even things that we do day to day like crossing our fingers can be seen as a superstition. Whether they really have an effect on our lives is really anyone’s guess.

Are they Common Online?

Even though you might not see these when you play online as much, you’ll probably still be aware of them. Players love to chat about their lucky charms, keeping their fingers crossed and wishing each other luck. You can pretty much guarantee that they’ll have a table that’s covered in troll dolls, crystals or something similar to where they play bingo at home.


Luck and superstition are definitely intertwined, whether they really work isn’t really clear. If keeping a doll near us or putting on our lucky socks might just make us win more often then we’ll end up using them just in case! They might just help us out!