Bingo Heaven

Bingo Heaven may not enjoy the same level of success as some of the other social bingo apps out there, but this does not meant that it is any less brilliant.  The thing about Bingo Heaven is that it is actually very single to play and understand, so whilst this makes it perfect for new bingo players, it may seem a little too simple for more advanced bingo fans seeking more action.  It is perfect in its simplicity and has been very impressively designed – perfect to keep you occupied on your mobile during those dull commutes.

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Social Bingo

The thing is, Bingo Heaven isn’t actually a very sociable bingo game at all.  In fact, you cannot invite your friends to play with you or even make new friends because you play completely alone!  The only social aspect of this bingo game is the fact that it can be found and played on Facebook.  There is also a great Facebook fan page in which you can success the social aspect of this game.  Users regularly post on this wall and Bingo Heaven host competitions and post pictures as well as offering free bonuses.


You can grab the action on your iPhone device – iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad so long as you are using one with an operating system of 4.3 or later.  You can also catch it on Android devices using systems 2.2 and above.  Of course, you can also play Bingo Heaven on your tablet – iOS or Android – but there have been a lot of complaints in regards to the latter tablets.

Getting Started

First things first – if you want to play on Facebook then you have to have a Facebook page, naturally.  You can then simply search for this app and play the game this way.  It can also be fund on Google Play and the Apple App Store, with downloads being 100% free unless you want to download the HD version.

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How to play Bingo Heaven on your Mobile

It is as simple as playing 75 ball bingo.  The great thing is that – when playing on Facebook –  Bingo Heaven set you up with excellent free bonuses each and every day that you log on, so you don’t actually have to spend any money playing the game if you don’t want to.  You will also receive power ups as you play, and these will help you to earn more bonuses.  It is these that also help to unlock the 10 vacation locations.  You will also collect rewards as you play:

  • Keys
  • Coins
  • Treasure chests
  • Powerups

Last but not least, there is a collection items feature.  Each location boasts their own bunch of items, and when you have collected them all, you will be entered into a cool bonus game.

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