Bingo Friendzy

In just a couple of years, what seemed like another new fad sweeping the UK and USA in particular – Social Bingo – has turned every self-respecting head an inch or two! Bingo Friendzy is at the forefront of this phenomenon.

Now it may occur to you that the game of mobile bingo – be it online or offline – is a very sociable affair indeed, however the term “Social Bingo” was coined to refer to the new bingo apps popping up all over the social networking site Facebook.  Oodles of these apps sprung up in the last few years alone, but only ONE offers amazing bingo games for real cash prizes:  Bingo Friendzy!  And the best part is, of course, that you can play this bingo for real cash prizes on your mobile phone!

What is Bingo Friendzy?

Bingo Friendzy is the brain child of massive online software company Gamesys and can only be played via Facebook.  It is actually brought to you by Jackpot Joy – one of the biggest and best known online bingo sites in the UK.  There is no Barbara Windsor here though! The only elements of Jackpot Joy as you know it that are incorporated into Bingo Friendzy are the slot games – other than that, it has its own completely unique and wonderfully kooky little personality!  It has been designed amazingly to reflect the stellar software that created it, and boasts colourful little fuzzy creatures, sparkles, flowers and more!

How to Play Bingo Friendzy

Bingo Friendzy actually recently changed their app so that you have to be a member of Jackpot Joy to play, whereas you simply had to be a member of Facebook when it first launched.  This means that you have to head to and create an account.  Make sure that you use the same email as your Facebook account when you sign up.  Once you have crated your account, fund it with a tenner and bag £30 to play with, then head to Facebook, log in and download the app!  You will then be able to play this terrific game and of course you can also log in and play on your mobile device, too!  At the moment, this is only available to be played by UK players due to the tight gambling laws in the US.

Bingo Friendzy Games

At the moment, Bingo Friendzy offer only 90 ball bingo games, but we bet that this will change with the growing request for 75 ball games, especially if they manage to secure a US license!  The games have been designed to look very “Gamesys” but they have put a very Bingo Friendzy spin on them!  There are 2 rooms on offer, Candy Cave and Vanilla Bingo.  Both of these rooms offer a community jackpot that can be yours for fewer than 40 ball calls AND they both have terrific prizes pots and jackpots on top of these.  The great thing is that the Candy Cave offers a lovely free bonus game in which you bag free tickets to the next game if you have bought 6 tickets to just one game!  Remember, folks – those are real cash prizes, too!

Bingo Friendzy Slots

There are tonnes of slots and you will recognise them all if you have ever played at JackpotJoy before, with their excellent progressive jackpot slot game Wonderland taking centre stage!  There are of course real cash prizes in the slot games too, and they can ALL be played via your mobile phone!