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Mobile certainly is the future of bingo gaming, so it’s great to see sites moving and developing with new trends to offer the best gaming experience for players. One such bingo operator leading the way in innovative bingo trends is

This online bingo operator has not only recently launched a new mobile casino version of their main brand, but has also recently announced the launch of a brand new social casino product. Currently the product has only launched on the Android platform, available from the Google Play store, but an iOS launch and Facebook launch look set to follow soon.

Titled Trophy Bingo, the game itself is a one of a kind action bingo game, comprising of 120 levels. It has an adorable puppy theme and involves players undertaking bingo challenges and developing strategies to climb their way through the levels. There’s a map showing progression through the adventure, special unique games, bonus rounds and unusual new ways to win, not to mention the chance to rescue some cute pups along the way!

If you have an Android device, you can start your puppy themed adventure today and bingo your way to Best in Show in no time! What’s more, this game is completely free to download and play!

There are plans to add monetisation and further development to line up with the all-important iOS launch. This means that players should be able to access new levels and power plays by the time they can play on their iPhones.

With only having delved into the online casino world over the last couple of months, it seems like the operator is keen to dive into all mobile and social trends. Trophy Bingo is the company’s first foray into the social bingo world, and’s chief executive Jason Williams is very positive about the rapid mobile and social growth:

“The spectacular growth of the social casino marketplace inspired us to build an innovative new bingo product. Trophy Bingo is our entry into the market and we hope that the millions of avid bingo players worldwide will become as captivated with the challenge of getting bingos, progressing levels and rescuing canine friends as we have.”

The aim behind this move according to Williams, is to be a step ahead of the curve and provide tech-savvy bingo players with something which is both rich in gameplay, offers hours of entertainment which can be built upon, whilst offering something in a totally new and appealing format for social bingo fans. Williams is confident that their first step into the social gaming world will be a big one, expecting great things after the iOS launch.

“It is our intent to make Trophy Bingo the most popular and profitable social bingo game available on Android and iOS,” he added.

The game itself was first announced at the turn of 2013, with a Beta version available in select markets from May 2013. Trophy Bingo was developed in partnership with Roadhouse Interactive Limited, a social games development company based in Vancouver. The partnership seems to have offered a slow and steady build-up of a game which is both a new and innovative product in the bingo industry, but also a highly exciting new game for mobile bingo players around the globe to get involved with.

With the iOS and Facebook launch looking set to happen any day now, time will tell if Trophy Bingo will be the next phenomenon in social gaming.