Bingo Bonus Hunting

We all love to get our hands on freebies, but how do you actually find these? We’re here to teach you all about the art of bonus hunting, including the pros and cons. Join us if you want to become a bonus bagging master!

Where to find the Best Bingo Bonuses

To start with, these are some of our favourite sites to bag a bonus on:

Lucky Admiral – If you fancy winning up to 500 free spins from your first deposit, then it’s a great idea to play here!

Big Tease Bingo – Bag a massive bonus of 500% on your first deposit here, then you can cash in on their games.

Top Dog Slots – Lead the pack over on this site, where you can spin the prize wheel for a bumper bonus.

As with all offers on our site, we recommend you read the terms and conditions of these before you play.

The 2 Faces of Bonus Hunting?

There are two types of bonus hunters out there:

Exploiting the System

The first type of player is the one that spends a lot of time gaming the system. They’re looking to hustle on these bingo sites to make a profit and then they head elsewhere. They’re always on the hunt for bonuses and actually, these types of players sometimes lead sites to remove bonuses.

Genuine Players

These guys are the ones we recommend you’re with, as these are the genuine, fun loving players. They still hunt for bonuses but less ruthlessly and tend to actually use the site for a while, rather than scooping up winnings and running off.

Is it Really just a Waste of Time?

In the early days of bingo, it felt like bonuses were everywhere and the terms were much looser. Nowadays, terms are stricter and making a profit is harder, but it can still be done. Check out what you need to know to find out if a bonus is worth your time:

What to Find out First:

Is bonus cashable?

Not all bonuses can actually be cashed out. Sticky bonuses are ones that will always stick to your balance and can’t be wagered through. Phantom bonuses are more like theoretical funds, that won’t actually turn into anything, no matter how much you play.

What are the wagering requirements?

Restrictive wagering requirements won’t let you withdraw any money, as you’ll end up losing your bonuses over time on games. If they’re high and restrictive then you won’t be able to withdraw much of that money.

Are there positive expectation games?

There are positive expectation games, which are ones on which you would expect to win more than you wager. On the flip side, there are negative expectation ones which you would expect to lose a bit more on. The stakes are higher on a negative expectation game, which then balances this out.

What have bingo sites done to stop bonus hunters from exploiting the system?

Bingo sites have been cracking down a lot on cashable no deposit bonuses recently because of players using them to exploit the system. They’ve also added in more ID checks, like having to use your card before you get a no deposit bonus.

Limited game choice for bonus play

If you want to get in on some advantage play games then you have to make sure you’ve got that choice. With your bonuses, you may only be able to play on certain games, which will knock out some of the big earners.

Ts and Cs — “suspicious play”

Playing on games where the house edge is low or exploiting bonuses can mean that you get banned for suspicious play. This is a pretty sticky wicket, as pretty much anything could be deemed suspicious play depending on what the site defines.

Higher wagering requirements

Wagering requirements have also been rising in order to stop players from being able to withdraw too quickly. This means that players run down their big jackpot and don’t have quite as much to withdraw by the time it has turned into cash. This is unfortunate for players that actually want to win big, but we can see why this was a necessary step for some sites to take.

It does seem to be the first kind of bonus bagger ruining it for everyone else! With so many exploits becoming common knowledge, it doesn’t take long for sites to change things to reduce the impact this has.


As you probably know, there’s no such thing as free money! Just like in bingo there’s no such thing as risk free profit. This is a game of chance and it can take you a lot of time and effort to try and exploit. Our top tip is to fully appreciate and enjoy the bonuses that you get, but also to focus on having fun, instead of chasing free money all the time.