Bingo Blitz

Out of all of the social bingo games on offer on the mighty Facebook, Bingo Blitz is the oldest, the best known and the most played! It boasts an incredible 3 million PLUS monthly users and when you launch the Bingo Blitz app, you will see why!

How is this game different from online bingo played on bingo sites?

Here are some facts about Bingo Blitz:

  • You play for free and for fun rather than getting cash prizes
  • You get goodies for logging in
  • Little freebies are on offer
  • You get free coins and tickets each day
  • You can use your own cash to buy more if you like… or wait for more freebies
  • You need a Facebook account to play
  • Download the app on your mobile and you can get started!

You also start by playing bingo games in New York, before unlocking bingo games elsewhere in this virtual world:

  1.  London
  2.  Atlantic City
  3.  Hong Kong
  4.  Sydney
  5.  Madrid
  6.  … and many more!

How is Bingo Blitz different from Bingo Bash?

You might also be familiar with Bingo Bash, another similar app many bingo players love. Here are some differences between them:

  • Blitz has 100+ bingo cities, Bash has 50+ Wonder/Special Rooms
  • Blitz visits cities, Bash visits iconic locations
  • Bingo Bash includes Wheel of Fortune bingo

In all fairness, we think both are very similar and have large audiences. Some people even play at both!

Other games available on the Bingo Blitz app

Yep, you get more than just bingo! Here are three of the available slot games you can play too.

Pets Blitz slots

Coins, keys and power-ups are all lying in wait for you in Pets Blitz slots! Will you manage to find various cats and dogs as you play?

Barcelona slots

Immerse yourself in the joys of this Spanish city as you go in search of Spanish guitars, castanets and even Pablo Picasso!

Lost City of Atlantis slots

Dive down to Atlantis in search of collection items including the gates of Atlantis and various creatures of the deep. Look for numerous power-ups too!

Tips and bonuses

Make sure you log in every day, because you’ll get free slot spins when you do. The more consecutive days you do this, the more freebies you’ll get. You start with free coins to play with, and each day you log in you get more of those as well.

What are power-ups?

These are various powerful elements that enhance gameplay. Examples include:

  • Double XP – use this power-up to gain double XP in a bingo round
  • Double winnings – just what it sounds like, double the amount you win!
  • Instant win – not easy to find. If you get it, you’ll get bingo if just one specific square on your bingo card is daubed

How many other power-ups can you find?

How do I get free credits on Bingo Blitz?

Now we get to the nitty-gritty and the question everyone wants an answer to! Credits allow you to buy bingo cards. Here’s how to get them:

  • Log in every 24 hours to claim free credits
  • Complete a specific collection set; redeem it to get more credits
  • Open treasure chests
  • Go up to another level (levelling up)
  • Add more team members to your team
  • Win a bingo game

Basically, the more you do within the app, the more likely it is you’ll win or earn more credits.

Download the app with ease!

Whatever device you have, you can download the app to start playing Bingo Blitz as quickly as possible:

  1. From the iTunes store
  2. Direct from Facebook
  3. From the Google Play store

Top tip: you can read more about the app at each of these locations too

This gives you a good overview before you begin to play.

A complex but fun gaming experience

Bingo Blitz is actually a very complex game and isn’t as straightforward as just playing bingo:

  • Collect items as you play to launch various bonus games
  • Invite your Facebook friends to play in your teams to try and bag more prizes
  • Team Challenge feature in which you all bag freebies when you hit the appropriate marks

This is a fantastic game for bingo players, who are a tad more experienced in the social bingo industry, but you will soon catch on.