Bingo Blingo

Social apps are fast becoming the hot new way to play bingo, especially for free. One of the games at the forefront of this phenomenon is Bingo Blingo.

The game itself puts a whole new twist on online bingo, as it’s a just for fun game, meaning you can take advantage of the Bingo Blingo free download app and play your favourite pastime online at no cost to yourself. As well importantly being cost free, the concept of the Bingo Blingo online game takes a more social spin that your average online bingo site, as you can connect through your social media network and benefit from playing with or against friends.

As the game comes in app form, you’ll find you can get Bingo Blingo for iPad, iPhone, Android and other mobile devices, as well as have the ability to play online on your PC through your Facebook profile.

How to Play

Playing this app is incredibly easy, though it does differ slightly from the online version of the game. Helpfully, this app offers a handy tutorial to all new players meaning you can get into the swing of things in just a couple of minutes. Plus, players get an extra 10 free bingo tickets for following the tutorial too, so it’s worthwhile exploring even if you’ve played a social bingo app before.

The relative rules of the game are the same as regular bingo. This particular social app is based on the 75 ball version, so you’ll be looking to create a line or pattern to bingo here. Players are allocated a certain level of free bingo tickets to use, with the option of picking between 1 and 4 tickets per game.  Choose your cards and when the game begins, start daubing off your numbers as they are called. Be ready to hit the big bingo button when you match 5 symbols in a line.


The biggest tip to offer would be to take advantage of power ups. Use these during games where possible to find yourself with a better chance to bingo, or more coins up for grabs.

Use the Bingo Blingo Facebook share facility if it pops up allowing you to share your achievements, as this will often provide you with more coins or bingo tickets. At the very least it will let your friends know you are playing and perhaps will offer you power-ups and more.


One of the great features of this game is the many levels there are to explore. The fantastic level-up system which allows players to explore different rooms, earn more coins and make better purchases certainly adds value to the game.

In addition, the in-game coin system and shop allows players to make purchases to advance their levels and gaming experience.

Bingo Blingo Facebook sync option is also a great feature, allowing you to share things with friends as well as get them to join in the fun and also help each other with game credits, tickets and more.


Overall, Bingo Blingo is a great social game for anyone who loves the thrill of bingo, enjoys playing with others and who doesn’t want to spend money on their hobby.

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