Bingo Blast

Bingo Blast is a rapid-paced bingo app available for users of Facebook and people with Kindle Fire, Android, and Apple mobile devices. Produced by developer Red Hot Labs, the Bingo Blast app is played by thousands of people from across the world. Overall, Bingo Blast has received more than 500,000 downloads. And the fact that it’s completely free to download makes it extra appealing.

Play Fast and Have Fun

A Bingo Blast download will enable you to connect with friends in seconds to experience this thrilling bingo app. Compared to sitting in your average bingo hall, this version of the games will astonish you with its speed. The game has been designed with pace in mind, and in that sense the developer has definitely succeeded. You won’t be left waiting for the action to build as you play Bingo Blast.

How to Play

Thankfully, the Bingo Blast rules are few and far between, which lets you dive quickly into the action. The aim is to cycle through bingo balls by marking them off your card as soon as they appear. A time limit will be displayed in the top left corner of the screen. Finish your card before the time expires to receive maximum points.

Bingo Blast on Kindle Fire

Bingo Blast was first released to the Amazon Appstore in June 2013, and has since been downloaded by thousands of users. The Kindle Fire app is one of the most highly rated bingo apps to be released, as it features and averaged review score of 4.5 stars.

Play on Apple iOS

It will come as no surprise to learn that the app can be downloaded free from the App Store, where thousands of players have already made the download. Bingo Blast is compatible for iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches that are updated with iOS 5.0 or later.

Play on Android

Android has by far accounted for the most reviews of Bingo Blast, with close to 30,000 users giving the app an average review score of 4.5 stars. Quite frankly, this is a highly impressive score for the amount of users that have shared their opinion.

Challenge Your Friends

At present, social connectivity is one of the most important themes in the development of mobile apps. Red Hot Labs has realised this and ensured that Bingo Blast players can connect with their friends to compete against each other. Scores will be tracked over time and the winners can claim all of the bragging rights.

Globetrotting Format

A really exciting aspect of the game is that the app features multiple cities from all over the world. As you play through the game and develop your chip collection, it will soon be possible to unlock cities like Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, New York, and London, where you will play in themed environments.

Multiply Winnings with Slots

After winning chips playing bingo, it is then possible to wager them on slots to try and multiply them for even more chips. The slot setup features three reels and the aim is to match three symbols of the same colour.