Bingo Beach Game

There’s nothing better than relaxing at the beach, unless it’s playing bingo. In the great, new, free Bingo Beach game you can do both! You’ll love the cool relaxing atmosphere and the hot competition, as you play against other people and chat about the game.

About the app

This beach themed game will let you beat the heat while you beat other players, in this fresh and bright setting. Everything is beach centric in this game, there are shell icons and even collectable souvenirs. The music will have you feeling chilled out as you hear the waves and seagulls, this game is so relaxing to play.

You’ll be playing a 75 ball game with 25 square cards, you can even buy more cards from the in game shop. You can win loads of points and spend them on collectables, cards and access to exclusive game rooms. You get to play against other people in real time, so there’s no lag or waiting around to see who’s won. There are even tournaments with matches so there will be a world champion, it could even be you.

It’s not just boring old bingo as normal with this game, there are great bonuses and power ups for you to grab. The Daub and Bingo Spotters will be a welcome sight as you play, they’ll help you along the road to victory against your opponent. Plus the cute and cuddly cat mascot will be cheering you on from the side lines as you daub your way to your first tournament win.


You can get Bingo Beach iPhone and Bingo Beach Android editions so you can play it no matter what the device. You can also install it on your Kindle Fire. There are a few differences if you play on a tablet or smartphone, on the tablet you get even more scorecards to play with. All you need to do to get this game is open up the Google Play or Apple store and download it from there, you’ll be playing within minutes and enjoying all the content this free game has to offer.

If you love the Bingo Beach game you can invite your friends to play too, this means you can play against them and see who comes out on top. Bingo Beach even rewards you with points and items for inviting a friend so if you’re popular, you’ll be raking in the points. The more friends you invite, the better the rewards, plus your friends will thank you for introducing them to this fun game.

This game has everything you could want; free bingo, championships and a great atmosphere. If this sounds like the game for you download it now and give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.

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